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Teacher Training for Technology Integration

No description

Devin Hess

on 1 December 2013

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Transcript of Teacher Training for Technology Integration

Emerging model:

front-loading for skill transmission
ongoing classroom-based coaching
with a cohort of teachers
engaged in a common educational project.
Training for Ed-Tech:
Funding sources?
Questions and Concerns:
Balance between tech and manipulative based learning?
Implementation challenges?
Impact of unequal access to equipment & training?
find it challenging to meaningful apply tech to learning goals

Devin Hess
December 2, 2012
Know the teachers’ backgrounds, concerns, interests and perceptions on technology
Build motivation
for technology adoption
Create a collaborative
teacher cohort
Teach technology in the
context of clear learning goals
Teacher groups w/ common projects
Teacher Training for
Technology Integration

Question: What model of PD best
supports teacher integration of technology?
Field study: coaching teachers in creating classroom wikis
Interviews with participating teachers and PD providers
Literature review
Emergent themes from studies:
Part of overall site vision
Encourage administrative support
and structured follow-through
20+ hours of training and support to create 2 classroom wikis
Other teachers chose not to participate - informative!
2 - Grade 5 teachers
1 - Grade 6 & 7 teacher
1 - Provider of PD in academic literacy
feel isolated and unsupported
have a wide variety of opinions, understandings and experience.
have difficulty learning new technologies.
are easily
overwhelmed and hesitant
lack of time & energy to carry extra work.
-- Educational Technology --
teachers ...

6-Point Model
Traditional PD models (workshops, conferences), treat teachers an undifferentiated group.
"Too many choices "
"Looks way too hard!"
I need help thinking this through...
tech tools are seen as
gimmicks and distractions!
"Too much to learn
and remember!"
"There's already too much on my plate!"
"I know who my student is, and the student feels recognized by me"
"So I go in and I find out what
they already do, and what they want to do,
what their goals are"
Inspiring vision of the possibilities
Intimidation by the amount of skills &
work required
Strategize and learn together
Share & review student output
Problem solving team
Teachers need ongoing support:
Focus on one application - don't overload
Teach incrementally - small chunks
Hands-on training
Coach in classroom w/ students
Front-load initial skills training
Teachers given time
during school day
Teachers compensated
for extra work
PD provided by outsiders
- Can't do in-house
- PG
Authentic content ASAP
Weigh against hands-on experiential learning
How will it support learning goals?
How will it engage learning modalities?
Provide long-term,
incremental, hands-on,
classroom-based training
For References, visit


What model of PD best
supports teacher integration of technology?
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