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Games for Change meetup @Hong Kong

we are hosting the first G4C meetup in HK! introducing G4C and HKDGBLA.

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Transcript of Games for Change meetup @Hong Kong

first Games for Change Hong Kong meetup Games for Change meetups are self-organized events

57 cities around the world have already started their own Games for Change meetup

the meetups gather everyone who are interested in using games to make it a better world

people attending the meetups include game designers, game deveopers, educators, NGOs, etc.

we hope there will be more G4C meetups in HK! Games for Change Founded in 2004, Games for Change facilitates the creation and distribution of social impact games that serve as critical tools in humanitarian and educational efforts. established in 2008
an independent non-profit making organization

aims to provide a variety of services that benefits parents, students and teaching professionals who are interested in digital games and education

a group of professionals from education and video game industry

learn through playing; learn through creating Our Tasks Research and Education
conduct and publish research and written resources
organize seminars and talks to increase public awareness of the relationship between digital games and education

develop digital games and resources for learning and teaching
provide digital game-based learning consultation

improve students’ learning efficiency through playing digital games and digital game design and development Conferences, workshops, expositions 2011-12 9th Annual Games for Change Festival 2012, New York
Computers & Advanced Technology in Education (CATE 2011), Cambridge
1st Serious Gaming & Social Connect 2012 Conference, Singapore
AiTLE Association of I.T. Leaders in Education 10th Anniversary Conference
CITE Research Symposium 2011 and 2012, HKU
Education 2.4p : Game-based Learning
HKICT Delegation to Canada
“Basic Law Digital Games Development Contest”
EDB Kodu workshop for secondary school computer literary teachers www.digitalgameslearning.org Games for Change festival The annual Games for Change Festival is the leading global event that brings together funders, NGOs, corporations, government agencies and educators seeking to leverage entertainment and engagement for social good with leading game developers from the independent and commercial sector. @HKDGBLA
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