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Project Introduction

No description

Jared Wilson

on 28 March 2016

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Transcript of Project Introduction

Environmental Impact Project
Possible Topics
Cans/ Bottles
Reduce electricity/ energy use
Reduce water
Promote good policies
Project Requirements
Gather and use relevant research to investigate the local and global issues (science) related to the problem, as well implement a
Write a 6-8 page collaborative essay (LA) with annotated bibliography (GS) explaining the problem, the solution, and the results.
Create a 7-10 minute presentation that focuses on your response to the essential question.
Present in front of your peers, teachers, and North Marion community members.
Check in daily with Project Book and teacher
Teacher approval needed before creating:
Emails or
any outside contact
Social media account
Record citation information from relevant sources.
Use every minute!

During the next 6 weeks your group will have time to work on this project each Thursday and Friday.

The remainder of the the week we will be on our regular F.A. schedule.

F.A. teachers will be instructing and preparing you for the completion of content specific tasks Monday-Wednesday.
Last day to work is May 20th

Practice Presentations on May 27th and June 3rd

Community presentations are June 8th and 9th

Make sure you follow your "Project Book" consistently throughout this project!
Sample Project
What is the Problem You Will Be Solving?
How can we reduce our environmental impact so that we are more environmentally friendly?
What is Project Based Learning??
Helpful Hints
F.A. Student Example
Messy, uses lots of paint and paper, and has no actual information

These poster give no information about who, when, why or how.

Could the tape have gone underneath the poster?

What are the cans for????

This poster has a message and
provides information on what the object is, but is not formatted well:




This poster also does not say
who is running the campaign.

These posters are neat and informative.
However, there is no mention of who is organizing these campaigns, or why?

We had posters giving directions and scheduled presentations, as well as refreshments.
Students invited parents, teachers and community members who all were asked to give feedback.
Go vegetarian
Reduce plastic packaging
Reduce food waste
Buy Local food
Use low impact lighting
Reduce non-recyclable material
Drive less
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