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20170622 IoT in Rail

No description

on 22 June 2017

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Transcript of 20170622 IoT in Rail

We can't stop the digital wave,
but MTinfo 3000 can help you to surf
IoT roadmap driven by MTinfo 3000
2 separate private redundant mobile networks (2G/3G/4G/5G)
No cables needed, just connect wireless and get working!
Accessible from all over the world
User interface via Web, AR-glasses & Mobile APP's
OPEN via API to share with 3rd parties
Safety & Control commands @ SIL4
Build to perform 24/7
Location based reporting
Example of IoT in process
What is the world like when info is everywhere & anywhere
All you need to perform your work is a connection
Bring your own device (IOS, Anroid or Windows)
Sensor data as input for your activities
CRTM 3000
CRM 3000
1. Install Safety
2. Perform work
3. Remove Safety
Register activities in MTinfo 3000
All from a safe position
Inform yourself via MTinfo 3000
From anywhere in the world on any device, performed activities can be verified & validated
Improve algorithms & improve
work processes
Started in the Garage in 2007
Wireless has the future!
"We believe in wireless!"
MTinfo 3000 - The (NB)-IoT platform for Rail
1.1 Install Safety
Integrated in railway signaling
POC 2011
Founder of Dual Inventive.
Expert from the NEN for the EN.
Active member in the workgroup Product certification at the foundation RailAlert.

Security is not a snapshot in time like safety, it is management over time!
Security by design
Confidentiality is nice
Integrity is a MUST
Tomorrow: IoT & Railway signaling
Thanks for your attention
Some facts;
“Founded in 2007”
“Developer / supplier ZKL 3000 RC”
“In IOT since 2008”
“Believe in everything Wireless”
“26 employees and growing”
“Based in the Netherlands, office in the UK”
“Developer / supplier CRTM 3000”
“Developer of TWS 3000”
“2016 Strukton Rail joins shares Dual Inventive”
“business in NL, BE, UK, DE, SE, FR, AUS, etc.”
“2017 supplier of TWS 3000”
"First supplier of NB-IoT in Rail"
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