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Hungary: Bridge Budapest - We dream. We do.

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Veronika Pistyur

on 30 July 2013

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Transcript of Hungary: Bridge Budapest - We dream. We do.

Who we are
a group of Hungarian entrepreneurs
working to improve products and create jobs
via globally used products and rapidly scaling businesses
We believe that we can contribute positively
by sharing stories of Hungarian entrepreneurships.
non-profit Association
sponsored by our companies
the chairman of the Association is Péter Árvai, CEO and co-founder of Prezi
We want to show
We are doing this by
We are at the beginig of the process: 'being entrepreneur'.
Good ideas,
hard work
and a bit of luck
— all you need
to realize
your dreams
Hungary could be made
more competitive
by creative
and globally successful
young entrepreneurs
Spread stories of people
who met challenges
and pushed through
with a positive experience
Telling stories
of real people
achieving real things
Why is it necessary?
since 2008 the startup ecosystem is not growing so fast
same people, same stories everywhere - just a few new stories
the mainstream media and people feel this is a 'secret society'
we have mentality problems - most of the people feel:
"there is no reason to try, things are shitty anyway"
"blaming the past for what did not happen"
"people far too often who don’t dare to believe in themselves"
We know that optimism alone is not sufficient
to change the world.
But without it there is no improvement.
We all can be the voice that defies fatalism.
Stories we tell, matter.
BridgeBudapest can be an important part in inspiring a sense of optimism in Hungary.
A fully-financed fellowship program
offered to young people and journalists
to be able to gain knowledge and inspiration
from the biggest internet companies of the world
get an insight into the internal operations and the exciting world of Silicon Valley
“If three of us managed to do it, anyone can do it.” - says Péter Árvai
The fellowship also relies on world-class opportunities available in Hungary. LogMeln, Prezi and Ustream accepts foreign talents in their Budapest offices proving that it is not necessary to leave Hungary to find world-class business culture.
We give the possibility for the most impressive 8 applicants a year.
Talented people who are able share/spread their experience to others.
Follow us: facebook.com/bridgebudapest
Influencing mainstream media - give them the possibility to come closer
Hosts: Facebook, LogMeIn, Prezi, Twitter, Ustream
2013: first year - we have 180 super applicants for the 8 places
How to change a country?
Attitude lobby - an example
how to influence a society?
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