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MGNT922 Business Research Project

No description

Rhys Deliseo

on 11 April 2017

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Transcript of MGNT922 Business Research Project

Can young, start-up organisations improve their recruitment of millennial talent to the Illawarra area through promotion of socially responsible practices?
Research Problem
MGNT922 Business Research Project
Padua Financial Group - Rhys Deliseo

1. What motivates Generation Y employees?
2. What values do Generation Y employess consider when choosing an employer?
3. How can organisations attract millenial talent to the Illawarra region?
4. Can the use of socially-minded practices improve the perception of an organisation?
5. Can the use of socially minded practices be used as a recruitment tool?
Research Questions
H1. University of Wollongong students would rather be employed in the Illawarra.
H2. Social practices are a key influencer in University of Wollongong graduate behaviour.
H3. An increase in socially responsible practices will improve an organisations ability to recruit millennial talent to the Illawarra area
Research Hypotheses
Conducted 3 face-to-face interviews with individuals that work for different organisations in the financial services industry.

Conducted a survey using surveymonkey.com through Facebook, gaining responses from 25 University of Wollongong students.
Data Collection
All interview and survey respondents had not heard of Padua.

Career progression and pay/salary were selected as the most important factors when students select a potential graduate program.

Socially responsible practices was selected as a key influencer by 52% of UoW respondents.

Majority of the respondents expressed a preference to stay in the Illawarra area.
Key Findings
Padua offers of options that students deem important when selecting an employer.
However it will be hard for Padua to recruit as they continue to grow, due to potential employees not knowing about them.
Socially-minded practices positively influence organisational awareness and student perception when selecting potential employers.
Increase organisational awareness through participation in UOW career expos, and community events and market themselves as organisation with a community focus.
This increase in awareness and perception, based on evidence should attract more talented employees to the organisation as it continues to grow.
Research Aim
To prove that students from University of Wollongong are influenced by socially responsible practices when seeking employment upon graduation.
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