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Lin Kim

on 5 May 2015

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Transcript of Sinkholes

Problem with sinkholes
- destroys buildings and land
- lose jobs

In Tangerine, the sinkhole was a problem for Lake Windsor Middle School because it destroyed the portables the students had classes in. This led to dirt, mud, and broken pieces all over the place.
Causes of Sinkholes
- erosion of soil
-lack of water
- constant contact with water

In Tangerine, a sinkhole occurred at Lake Windsor Middle School because of a long and heavy downpour of rain. This caused the soil to erode away forming a sinkhole.
Solutions for Sinkholes
- avoid construction around wetland or after storm
- construct foundation
- underpinning

Best solution:
I feel like the best solution is underpinning because it’s the cheapest and most efficient way.
Impact of sinkholes
- Injury
- state financial issue

In the novel, Tangerine, the sinkhole impacted many students by injuring them. Also, It most likely cost the state a lot of money to repair the buildings and pay for hospital bills.
By: Edward Bloor


Fun facts about sinkholes
- the world’s biggest sinkhole is in Egypt and its 70 miles wide and 80 miles deep
- a sinkhole called the devil’s toilet bowl in Florida acts as a swimming pool for visitors.
- There are over 3,000 sinkholes along the coast of the dead sea.
Created by: Lin Kim
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