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Statistics - Women's Beach Volleyball Scores

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makeda sandford

on 18 September 2012

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Transcript of Statistics - Women's Beach Volleyball Scores

Bump, Set, Spike! Women's Volleyball Women's Beach Volleyball Statistics
Olympics 2012
Data: Number of Successful Attacks in the games Hope Mamboleo
Makeda Sandford Country represented # of Successful Attacks in all games played Mode:
Median: Measure of Center 80 (3x)
116.375 Range:
Standard Deviation: Measures of Spread 180
46.905 no outliers. Box & Whisker 30 60 90 120 150 180 210 Lower Quartile

Upper Quartile

Median 80


106 Median: 106 Minimum Value: 34
Maximum Value: 214
Lower Quartile: 80 Upper Quartile: 142 Histogram Interpretation. The most appropriate Measure of Center would be the Mean because there are no outliers.
Mean: 116.375
The spread of the data:
Our data ranged from 34 to 214, and the range is 180.
The interquartile range shows us the middle fifty percent of the data. It is 62.
The variance is the average of the squared deviation. They must be squared because some are negative. The variance is 2200.0790.
The standard deviation is the square root of the variance, which is 46.905 Noted Patterns in the data?

The data drawn from the Women's Volleyball games from the olympics shows that teams scored closer to 90-116 than any other grouping of scores. This causes our histogram to show a bell-shaped curve with more scores after than before, but still ranging around the mean value.
The reason for the the scores mainly in the 90-116 range is because of the vigorous competition that these teams went through while playing eachother. The ladies on the Women's Volleyball team are the best in the world. What is an attack? When the offensive team
hits a very intense, fast throw
using the palm of their hand and
all the force of their body close up
to the net in order to give a surprise
attack on the other team, and hopefully
an instant point.
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