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Solar Race Cars

No description

Zer Ber

on 28 October 2013

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Transcript of Solar Race Cars

Solar Race Cars
By Zerghania & Noor 8A

Why are the shapes of solar cars different from gasoline-powered cars?
A solar car's frame is designed to be as small as possible, while still able to protect the driver and support the rest of the car's parts. The body of a solar car is designed with two goals: providing a large top surface area for mounting solar cells, and being as smooth as possible. Solar cars often have a flat, wing-like shape and covered wheels, which helps reduce aerodynamic drag.
How do the car’s solar collectors work together with the batteries?
Much like solar-powered homes, solar cars work off of the energy from the sun, converting it into electricity. That electricity then fuels the battery that runs the car's motor. Instead of using a battery, some solar cars direct the power straight to an electric motor.
What role does the weather play?
Without solar energy being able to be absorbed by solar panels on a car, it will or will eventually die, and need to be recharged. If it is a cloudy day then the driver won't be able to use the car because the rays from the sun are blocked by the atmosphere.
Why aren’t a large number of people driving solar cars on highways today?
Solar cars are not cheap. Most Americans drive gas fueled cars. Solar vehicles are more costly to the consumer and they are more costly for auto makers. Most people can't afford to purchase solar cars because their price is too high.
And because the weather can be a problem.
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Solar Race Cars
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