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Copy of Narrative Elements

No description

Erin Randazzo

on 18 October 2018

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Transcript of Copy of Narrative Elements

Round- displays multiple personality traits throughout the story.

Flat- displays few personality traits through the story.

A Narrative Elements Review
Characteristics of
Point of View
A Narrative is a story.

Plot Diagram

Who's point of view is this?
by Mrs. Randazzo
How can an author use theme?

- sequence of events
- who does it happen to
- what happens
- has some type of conflict/problem
Beginning of plot, sets tone, establishes setting, introduces characters, and gives background information.

Moves the plot along and builds suspense by introducing a conflict which is some type of disagreement/opposition or contradiction between characters.
This is the biggest part of plot structure.

Emotional high point or highest point of tension which leads to a decision, action, event, or realization.

Resolves any loose ends.
Some type of closure of that part of the story.
The people, animals, and objects in a story.
Protagonist- The main character who sometimes is the hero.
Antagonist- The character who goes against the protagonist.

Time and place of a story. It involves customs, dialects, and scenery of a certain time and place.

1st person- The character is telling the story- uses pronouns I, me, my, we

2nd person- The narrator is talking directly to the audience- uses pronouns you, your

3rd person- An outside narrator is telling the story- uses pronouns he, she, they, him, her

A universal truth about human life and may not be stated directly in the story.
It's the lesson- what is the author trying to teach you? What can you learn from this about your own life?

-key statements or phrase,
-changes in a character
-lessons learned by character.

Mood- This is how the writer's words make
the reader (you) feel.
Tone- This is the author's attitude
towards the story.
"In the darkness I waited, hiding and sobbing, hoping the intruder would leave and I would be undetected."
a line that describes a character
Characters can be static- which means they stay the same.

They can also be dynamic- which means they change.
Foreshadowing- clues that suggest something that will happen later.
Flashback- when the present story stops and goes back to an earlier event.
What is the tone of the clip? What is the mood?
What kind of character is this?
How does the narrator characterize him?
What's the setting?
What point of view is this in?
What is the tone?
What is the mood?
The Dark Knight
The Foreshadowing: Harvey Dent outlines his worldview to Bruce Wayne, telling him, "you either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the villain."

How It Pays Off: Harvey ends up having it both ways, becoming the villainous Two-Face before Batman's cover-up paints him as a hero in death.

Spider-Man 3 (2007)
The Foreshadowing: When Peter and MJ visit Harry Osborne in the hospital, a nurse remarks that they seem like good friends. Harry agrees, before going as far as to say he'd die for them.

How It Pays Off: Guess what? He ends up dying for them. Clearly a man of his word…

Are these characters static or dynamic?
What are the themes from these clips?
Watch this clip and think about characterization, point of view, and setting.
It's time to review your tracking sheet. Plot yourself for any terms you haven't already.
4- I can create examples in my writing.
3- I can identify examples in text.
2- I can identify some examples in text.
1- I know the definitions, but I can't identify examples in text.
Watch these two trailers for the same movie. How does the music change the tone?
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