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Copy of Contract Administration

No description

LaShonda White

on 1 December 2017

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Transcript of Copy of Contract Administration

Contract Administration
What's New
What is a Contract?
Contracting Process
Key Things to Remember
Fall 2017
An agreement between two or more parties creating obligations that are enforceable or otherwise recognizable by law. This includes but is not limited to:

Terms and Conditions
Scope of Work
Letters of Agreement
Memorandum of Understanding
Letters of Intent
Interagency or Intra-system Agreements
Do I Need A Contract?
Human performance rendering service on campus
An off-campus event that requires facilities, catering of service specifically for UHD
Do I Need A Contract?
Is off-campus
Not associated with a major UHD event and
Not specifically for UHD, i.e., is available to the general public at the same time
Do I Need A Contract?
A purchase made through Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts via DIR, TCPN and TxMAS

*Contact Purchasing to determine this option
Do I Need Insurance?
Insurance is needed if the scope of work has the potential of doing harm to an individual or damage to UHD property.
If insurance is not required, the insurance waiver section of the contract must be initialed by Risk Management.
Which Contract Should I Use?
Standard Purchasing Agreement
Service-Order for SPA
Standard Contract Addendum
Contract Coversheet
Use most current Contract Coversheet
Read through and answer all questions on page 2
Include all required documents with Coversheet
Get appropriate signatures (page 1 and 3)
Attach "Vendor Verification"
OGC Approved Contracts
Include assigned contract number
Define scope of work clearly/specifically
Only forward pdf versions of the contract electronically
Vendor signs first
1 fully executed contract to Contract Administration Office
Vendor Contracts
Complete contract package received by Contract Admin
Contract Admin reviews and forwards to OGC for approval
Once approved by OGC, Contract Admin will gain signatures from both parties and return executed copy to the originating department
Attach a copy of the standard draft to the contract package
The vendor name on the coversheet, vendor verification, and COI should match.
Ask the vendor if they are willing to sign the Standard Addendum; if not, ask what language in the addendum do they object.
Use all Standard documents from the website, not those saved on your computer.
OGC does not like rushes!!!!

OGC has at least 20 business days to review and approve an agreement. We do not control OGC's processing time.
Please read the vendor contract to ensure agreement with all terms and conditions.

Inactivate documents that do not apply.

Workflow list - first come, first serve.
Contract Admin will be happy to assist you in the contracting process!!!!!
Please allow yourself enough time to complete the contracting process
Is very flexible and can be used:
On a fixed or hourly priced basis
As a Service-Order Agreement
Used with a fully executed Standard Purchasing Agreement when the contractor will perform work on an as-needed basis.
A separate "Service Order" must be signed for each project performed by the contractor.
Used as an Addendum to non-standard/vendor contracts
No legal review is required if contract is less than $25K and vendor has no objections to any portion of the addendum.
Legal review is required for contracts $25K and over.
PeopleSoft Path
Information Security Hosted Checklist
Document must be submitted to Jon Garza (IT) prior to the contract package being submitted.
Revised Agreement Forms
Standard Purchasing Agreement
Speaker Agreement
Performer Agreement
These contracts have been revised to include the Foreign National Information Addendum provision.
If insurance is required, make sure that it meets the contractual requirements, including general liability, auto liability, and workers comp.
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