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Teen Pregnancy

No description

Cristian Mendoza

on 23 January 2013

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Transcript of Teen Pregnancy

Costs -Despite declining rates of teen pregnancies in the U.S., about
820,000 teens become pregnant each year
-In 2008:
nearly 750,000 teens became pregnant
pregnancy rates throughout race and ethnicity(for every 1000 people):
Hispanics teens-106.6
White teens-43.3
African American teens-117
-80% of teen pregnancies were unintended
-Only 1/3 of teen moms finish high school and
receive diploma
-By age 30, only 13% of teens moms have college degrees
-80% of unmarried teen moms end up on welfare
-Teen pregnancy rates in other countries
U.S. pregnancy rates are two times greater than Canada
Germany's and France's pregnancy rates combined are four times lower than the U.S.'s
Japan's pregnancy rates are eight times lower then the U.S.'s Websites
www.teenhelp.com Teen Pregnancy by Vanessa, Cristian, Mario, And Nathan Statistics Causes For More Info According to the Department of Agriculture, it now cost $234,900 to raise a child, just up to the age of 17, not including the cost of college! This is an all time high not only for parents, but for tax payers as well. It is costing tax payers $10.9 billion (2008) because of all the teens that are getting pregnant. Although the number of teens that are getting pregnant is actually going down, the cost are still escalating and it has most likely doubled from 2008 to 2013. It cost less to buy a box of condom once then 2 years worth of pampers. So think about it. •Psychological factors- Teenagers are usually going through changes, from children to young adults creating mixed emotions in them, the changes and lack of discipline create feelings that send them to seek for love somewhere else especially amongst the opposite sex.
•Adolescent sexually behavior- In both sexes curiosity arises as children transition to teenagers making them vulnerable to the graphic images shared by mass media targeted to such audience.
•Lack of discipline and control- When teenagers ingest illegal substances such as drugs and alcohol they ignite feelings such as lust and desire especially around the unrestricted presence of the opposite sex creating the perfect environment that will eventually lead to more interaction thus increasing the chances of an unwanted pregnancy. Living in a home with overprotective parents can also cause the desire to rebel leading to intolerable behavior to show that no one else is in control.
•Socio-economic problems- It is shown that children coming from low-income homes and poor education are at a higher risk of becoming pregnant at a young age due to the negligence towards birth control methods.
•Sexual abuse- This is one of the most shameful causes in females, teenage girls who hold a relationship with an older man usually become pregnant more often than those who decide to engage in a relationship with teenagers of the same age. Sexual Innuendos In Cartoons More Sexual Innuendos Prevention •Condoms- Condoms are 95% effective when used properly, it does have a risk of failure when it is not used properly used, a 14-15% of failure meaning that 14 or 15 people out of a 100 that do not know how to properly utilize it will become pregnant on the first year of usage.
•The Patch- The patch is another popular and easy method that promises to prevent pregnancy. It works by sending hormones to the body, these hormones are naturally produced when pregnant to stop the system from ovulating, minimizing the chances of sperm meeting an egg because there are none.
•Birth Control Pills- Pills are proven to be effective when properly administered of course. This pill is a double-edged sword. It functions while it is taken every day with strict discipline being careful to take it at about the same hour every time.
•The Morning After Pill- This pill is considered birth control but it is not used the same way that a regular birth control pill is used because it is to be taken the morning after sexual intercourse in order to stop the release of any eggs. It is inexpensive and sold in drug stores with no prescription needed.
•Abstinence- The most effective way to prevent an unwanted pregnancy, STD’s, and STI’s is abstinence. Nearby Clinics:
Sun Valley Health Clinic
San Fernando Health Clinic
Teen Valley Clinic
Pacomia Clinic
Planned Parenthood LA
Van Nuys Center Consequences Most teen moms do not finish High school
It could led to drinking habits or even substance abuse from all the stress of having a baby at a young age
The possibility of jobs of low income
It could damage your relationship
Not being able to experience the rest of you teenage years
High stress at a young age
Having a baby destroys your body (females)
Financial troubles
Ending up on Maury Problem The United States has one of the highest TEEN pregnancy rates in the whole world. This is not only costing the nation billions, but is affecting million of families in the U.S. This may ruin many bright futures of teens through the country.
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