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LinkedIn (English)

No description

Moustafa SAAD

on 8 August 2017

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Transcript of LinkedIn (English)

- Build complete profile
- Optimize profile
- Start connecting
How to Create a
Powerful & Distinctive
LinkedIn Profile

Why ?
1. Profile Box
2. Background
Summary = Keywords!
Add links to your experience
Link work examples
to your position
Be visible!
Make yourself visible
Customise your URL
Use on your CV, e-mail signature etc.
Professional Photo!
Photo = 21 times more views
Drag and drop to change order of different sections
2. Background
3. Recommendations
4. Connections
5. Groups
Add links to projects, your thesis etc.
Special Sections
More other stuff
Skills & Endorsements = Keywords!

5 skills = 17 times more views
Work Experience = Keywords!
Who's this lot?
4. Connections
Number! +/-
Who's that?
3. Recommendations
From colleagues, bosses, professors, customers, team mates etc.
Presentation Created by
Moustafa SAAD
MBA HEC Montréal
What ?
How ?
Business-oriented social network
- World’s
professional network
- F
ast growing:
2 new members/ second
- 106
unique visitors/month
from all Fortune 500
- 88 of the
Fortune 100
seek candidates
- 89
employers hired on LinkedIn
- Professional presentation
- Connect
- Power your career
- Learn & Share
1. Profile Box
name - photo - headline - location & industry - URL
2. Background
summary - work - honors - skills & endorsements - languages - education - volunteer - additional info - organizations - projects
Build Complete Profile
2. Background
Location = 19 times more views
My network
1. Maximum Success with LinkedIn - Dominate your Market, Build a Global Brand, and Create the Career of Your Dreams, Dan Sherman, 2013
2. http://www.linkedin.com/static?key=what_is_linkedin
3. LinkedIn Job Search Fundamentals, Part 1- 2, Lindsey Pollak, http://premium.linkedin.com/jobsearch/webcasts.html
4. Guide pratique pour les candidats – comment utiliser les réseaux sociaux pour sa recherche d’emploi, Mylène Pellerin & Léa Roman, Emploi Quebec, Juillet 2013
5. Sensibilisation aux médias sociaux en recherche d'emploi, Congrès automne 2013, Réseau des carrefours jeunesses-emploi du Quebec
6. How to write a killer LinkedIn profile and 18 mistakes to avoid - Brenda Bernstein, Updated for 2016
7. https://press.linkedin.com/about-linkedin
8. https://venturebeat.com/2016/08/04/linkedin-now-has-450-million-members-but-the-number-of-monthly-visitors-is-still-flat/
9. http://www.businessinsider.com/how-to-best-use-your-linkedin-page-2017-3/#-8

• Who you are:
personal characteristics
• What you do :
• How you got to current position:
• Who & how you help:
businesses, individuals
• What makes you different
• Actions :
get in touch + where to find information
Today's Presentation
Why to join LinkedIn?
1. LinkedIn algorithm
2. Keyword optimization
Optimize Your Profile
- Headline
- Work experience
- Summary
- Other places
I list my KEYWORDS
2. Number of connection
3. Profile completeness
4. URL
Test it: ''Advanced'' search box
Ways to connect
- Invitations
- Schools Alumni
- Group Members (posts, comments, etc.)
How to connect?
- Customized messages

1. What are ''Keywords'' - Why important?
Profile words that match seekers words
Important: you can't be found without them
2. How to build my list
Employers words: job titles, skills, etc.
Look at job offers - Brainstorm -
Other profiles - Creativity
2. Where should I put keywords?
Headline - Job Title, Summary, Specialties, Interests
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