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Careers Project

No description

Yuan Yuan Zhang

on 22 November 2011

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Transcript of Careers Project

My Chosen Career: Fashion Designer Why I am interested in this job: Key Skills and Duties of a Fshion Designer: Good Eye for Colour
Able to work with hands
Ability to sew and operate a sewing machine.
Good at drawing and selecting fabric.
Accurate at measuring.
It connects to my pillars.

Allows for the expression of creativity.
It ties in with my personal characteristics.

This job is non-repetitive and challenging.

Drawing and Designing: It is a central part to this job. The ability to visualize, draw and paint is needed.
Learning/ Education: This job presents new learning experiences everyday.
Music: Music is used to accompany the fashion shows, and it can serve as inspiration for a collection.
Travel: You get to travel around the world for different fashion weeks. The major cities include: London: New York:
Milan: Paris: My personality type is that I am a
creator, and being a fashion designer
will allow me to create clothing everyday. I am extremely competitive. High level of ambition and commitment. Organization Key Skills: The Process:

Begin with a basic design of the garment.
Sketch or sew the vision which begins the design.
Create a prototype.
Prototype is refined.
Pattern of the garment is made.
Colours and fabric is chosen.
Garment is made. Campus: Casa Loma
Program: Fashion Technology and Design (undergraduate)
Program Duration: 2 years

Cost: $3, 612 per year

Mandatory courses: Grade 12 English and Grade 11 Math.
Admission: Must pass sewing test on a standard sewing machine.
Must have an OSSD
Recommended courses:

Grade 12 Math ( for measurements)
School of Choice:
George Brown College Funding:

My tuition is covered by the Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP)
No Cost for residence because i will be living at home.
Transportation per year: $ 1,452 Additional Costs: $ 1,000 Total Cost: $9, 676 Salary: The salary earned varies with position and years of experience. One Sample Career Path: 1. Junior Assistant

Minimum Salary: $20,000 per year

Job Description: Cutting samples, running errands like picking up fabric. 2. Pattern Maker

Salary: $25, 000 - $ 40,000 per year

Job Description: Designing, sewing and cutting new patterns, fitting samples. 3. Production Manager

Salary: $40, 000 - $60,000 per year

Job Description: Oversee production process, ensure garments are sewn properly and completed on schedule, solve any problems that may arise. 4. Designer

Salary: $35, 000 - $ 85, 000 per year

Job Description: Designing new garments, choosing colours and fabrics, dealing with suppliers and manufacturers. 5. Head Designer

Salary: $ 60,000 - $ 100,000 per year

Job Description: Creating entire lines or collections of new garments, supervising staff, dealing with suppliers and manufacturers. Potential For Advancement The fashion industry is a highly competitive market.
Over half of designers work in New York and California.
In 2008, majority were self-employed.

Majority of jobs come from design firms that sell clothing to department stores. Employment Prospects: Average

Employment growth rate is close to average because the retirement rate will contribute to job openings. Numbers of job seekers will likely exceed job openings. Sources:
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