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Colonial Leisure Activities

By: Taylor Campbell, Emma Tomlin,and Krissy McDonald

Taylor Campbell

on 8 November 2012

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Transcript of Colonial Leisure Activities

Colonial Leisure Activities New England In their free time, the New England colonies went to church or went to school. New England's religion was puritans. Parents taught their children how to read and write. Although girls could read, they were not allowed to go to school. The New England colonies did not have a lot a free time. When they did they spent the time the people of colonial times had both individual and team sports, board games, gambling, card games, and so much more. Whatever was fun at the time was what the people did. Recreation then was considered to be entertainment, and to take them away from the hard work that they did all day long. Middle Most of the children's time was spent doing schoolwork , but when they did have free time they would play games like rolling the hoop, stoolball(cricket),and blindmans bluff(tag). Parents spent there time teaching the kids. Some outdoor activities they enjoyed are shooting, wood chopping, and they would have boat and horse races. Indoor activities were listening to music, sing-song(everyone would sing along to a song), and reading magazines and books. Southern Most families were wealthy in this period so they were inclined to attend private balls, dinners, amateur and professional theatricals. Many classes enjoyed the same things but not in the same degree. Most lower classes liked gambling and horse racing. many enjoyed outdoor activities like hunting, fishing, and man to mine fighting. Most of the lower class would do the fighting. By: Taylor Campbell, Emma Tomlin, and Krissy McDonald
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