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How Shopping Changed -bernarda

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on 21 March 2014

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Transcript of How Shopping Changed -bernarda

How Shopping Changed
Long Ago and Today
Miss Margot Class
By: Bernarda

Different ways to shop
Where did Goods come from?
Do you like goods? Well if you do you are with he right girl. How do goods get to the store? Well first the goods were made in a factory, then send to the stores by train. Goods were items people like. In the factory they needed to have a lot of workers to do the same thing offer and offer. every one had something to do. Can you imagine working there ?
Hello can you imagine buying stuff from a catalog, well if you don't people in the late 1893 used to buy from a catalog. You couldn't choose to much. They used to buy long lasting items like shoes,furniture a sewing mashing etc. In 1925 the first department store opened in Chicago.you could touch products and see before buying.
Goods- now
Goods are still Made in factory, but there is still some difference , one is there is not many workers because people code the computer and the computer dose the work! But there are still workers. Machine do work faster.

Now internet has made shopping easier. You can buy throw internet. But still internet is similar from buying in a catalog. Internet has made shopping easier.
Catalogs - Now
Advertising then
Imagine you standing on the street giving ads to people and with a bill board or a sandwich board. Well then catalogs and bill boards or sandwich boards wear excellent to advertise, people loved it. In 1941 the first TV
advertising came out. But only Dishes and house needs were on TV. the needed to impressionis the buyer

Advertising now
We still use advertising a
lot, but there still some changes like the TV! The radio , paper news or bill boards with lots of shiny lights.

Attracting Shoppers long ago
Usually in stores they used to have lots of soda fountains. Almost all stores had classical music with instruments like viola, violins, cellos etc. LOTS ! of stores had tea rooms for you to stay all day drinking tea isn't that fun? They had lunch counters. They had boards with the food the served.
Shopping for cloths
women needed 6o saw cloths for your family or you order from a catalog. But there is a little problem the shoes were order from a catalog.Men bought suits from a tailor.
Going Shopping
There is not much to tell but there are still some changes.
Now you can choose or see what you like. And it is not hard to find clothes

Thanks 4 watching
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