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Gun Industry Kendon Fennema

No description

Curt DeYoung

on 13 April 2018

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Transcript of Gun Industry Kendon Fennema

By Kendon Fennema
The Wheellock
had a wheel with a serrated edge
the hammer or "Dogshead"
The Flintlock
Used flint and steel to create a spark that shoots the firearm
Eliphalet Remington
Eliphalet Remington manufactured firearms for America starting in 1826. His company
Remington Arms
is still producing fire arms today. He was born on October 26 1793 in Sun field, Connecticut. He got married to Elizabeth Kilbourn, and one son out of 4 children named Philo Remington. Eliphalet Remington died on August 12, 1891 in :Llion, New York.
History of Guns
the first guns were made in 1250
A half century later in evolved into the "hand cannon"
the "hand cannon" was loaded and fired the same way as larger cannons.
The Matchlock
instead of holding both the fire arm and the ignition rope the matchlock uses a Serpentine, a device used to hold the ignition rope
Early Ignition Systems
Remington R5
Gun Industry
Remington 870 Express
(pump action shotgun)
Assault Rifle

Remington Acr (Assault Rifle)
Acog sight
Holographic sight
Laser pointer
Weapons Used
30 round mag
Ar 15 (Assault Rifle)
30 round mag
reflex/ red dot sight
How this Job Affects the World Today
This job does lots for our military, and for people who just love to have a great time outdoors shooting guns. Some people think that the gun industry isn't very safe. Lots of them think this because bad people have done bad things with the weapons they by. Like school shootings and murder. That's not what guns should be used for. Instead the guns people buy should be used for sports like target practice, clay pigeon shooting, and most of all hunting.
30 round mag
See Ya Folks!
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