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My Great Invention

By: Melody Martin

Melody Martin

on 5 May 2010

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Transcript of My Great Invention

This is a Library The shelves are tall Ladders are inconvenient You can't take them from one set of shelves to the other Without unhoooking it from the shelf What if I told you there was an easier way? there is an easier way magnetic platform!! But how can it be done? we can use magnets And electricity! Opposite polarities repel eachother That means that they float when one is put on top of the other Get my drift? I know what you are thinking were does the electricity come in?

Well, a floating platform is well and good and all that, but we need to go up and down, right? the electricity builds up the power for the base magnet to propel the upper one up, and slowly reduces the energy to bring it down! Get me now? I want you to buy my awesome invention But I know not any average joe wants my invention I can think of a few people who would want this Well, a librarian would A record keeper That eccentric millionare that has recently discovered his love for tall bookcases I bet you are wondering how many people it took to make this A scientist helped me an awful lot with getting the magnets and assembling it An electrician helped me set up the wires The remote control was designed by my intern, Cari I had a board of consultants to help me with its patent design. It's official name is Melody's magnificent magnet platform Supplies: Two magnets with high magnetism A lot of wires I don't like thinking of my intern as a supply, but she was the backbone of designing it I needed some paint, metal panelling, the works
I want all librarians to be able to afford my invention so it will only be 30 dollars! But crazy inventor Melody, you won't make any money if you keep it that cheap! Well listen to this!
Why would you only buy one at that reasonable price? some librarians will buy 4 or 5, racking up to 150 dollars! Now lets say I sell 10 librarians that many a day thats 1500 dollars a day.
so my pricing is ingenious I only expect to make about 10 dollars per device, but thats ok! the END Let the clapping begin!
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