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Learning Prezi Basics

No description

Kendra Hurt

on 22 April 2015

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Transcript of Learning Prezi Basics

Learning Prezi Basics
There are 4 different kinds of frames:
Adding Content
In frames, you can insert:
Moving Along the Path
To move between frames, you create a "path" between them.
Add them
Rotate them
Insert them in premade layouts
Saving and Presenting
Prezi is web-based, so you can access (and edit) it anywhere with an Internet connection.
(just click anywhere in a clear area)
YouTube videos
Symbols and Shapes
PDF pages
PowerPoint slides
...and more!
Tips for creating
your Prezi
Map out related ideas first
Make short hops
between frames
Try to move
left to right
and generally down
Give a point of reference
for emphasis
(Not as a normal mode of travel)

Highlighted Text
Text with Background Color
Scratch paper can come in handy
Zoom in to show detail
Using three levels is a
good rule of thumb
Probably don't go too crazy though,
since the viewer will get lost.
Just use your best judgement and
imagine seeing it on a big screen!
(Some ideas for this frame were borrowed from another Prezi creator)
Bar in editing view that shows the path
Click here to edit the path
These numbers show the order that your frames will be in focus
You can also animate content within frames.
Click this star on the frame number when in "Edit Path" mode
Once in "Animate" mode,
click on items in the order
you want them to appear.

To get items to appear together,
they have to be grouped first.
To group items:
Click to select one item
Hold down Ctrl key (Command on Mac)
Click on other item(s)
Click "Group" on the small menu that comes up
Created by
Kendra Hurt
Instructional Design Intern
Smithsonian Libraries
There are different levels of Prezi access that affect how open your presentations are.
Saving and Sharing Options
Download frames in a PDF
Download as (non-editable) portable Prezi
Share a direct link
Share on Facebook
Default is public and reusable
Can remove reusable
3 levels of access
Private Prezis available
More storage, custom logo
Spring 2015
Presentation Options
Present online
Present from downloaded file
Present remotely
Audio and Video From File
Import Tutorial: https://prezi.com/support/manual/ppt-import-tutorial/
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