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Methane Combustion

No description

Alec Williams

on 13 May 2010

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Transcript of Methane Combustion

Methane Combustion Chemical Equation Catalysts What Is It?
Lowers the amount of
energy it takes for the
reaction to take place. It is found above the yeild sign or arrow in the middle of the chemical equation. Do I Have One? No the chemical equation for
methane combustion does not
have a catalyst because there is
nothing above the yeilds sign. Is It Balanced? The chemical equation for
methane combustion is balanced because there is the same amount of elements on both sides of the yeilds sign. CH4+2O2 CO2+2H2O+891kJ What is a Catalyst?! Reactants Products Why does it have to be balanced? Chemical equations have to be
balanced because the
Law of Conservation of Mass declares
that matter can not be destroyed or created,
and to keep that law true we balance our equations. Methane combustion is
the combustion of methane,
or burning methane. The End Now how does this
relate to me? This relates to me because
when methane burns it produces
water vapor and CO2. When it
produces the CO2 it pollutes the air
but water vapor also gets added to the
atmosphere increasing the effectivness
of the green house effect.
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