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Senior Presentation

No description

Makenna Bell

on 18 March 2014

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Transcript of Senior Presentation

Makenna Bell's Senior Portfolio Presentation
Evidence: Personal Growth
Sophmore Year: George Manley Hopkins
Literary Analysis Essay

Evidence: Communication and Collaboration
Senior Year: International Relations Jordan Briefing
Evidence: Local and Global Citizenship
Student Choice: Homeward Pet Shelter
maintaining balance
Junior Year
What I am Most Proud of
Academic Growth
Keeping focus on my academics
Self- Confidence
What I would do differently
Plan ahead
Understand the importance of college
played volleyball for 3 years
Career Goals
School Counselor
Other Goals
study abroad
How I am Prepared
Post Secondary Plan
Educational Goals
Bachelor's degree
Four Year University
University of Redlands
Santa Clara

Paying for College
financial aid
Leadership and Teamwork
Manage large workloads
Honors and AP classes
Good Communication skills
Junior Year: Indian Friendship
Literary Analysis Essay

Evidence: Academic Thinking
Evidence: Personal Attributes
Senior Year Intro to Art Self Portrait
Exhibits Strong Work Ethic
spent total four weeks
trial and error

Demonstrates Resiliency
accepting criticism
having room to improve

Takes Personal Responsibility
for the art and technique used
Exhibits Civic Responsibility
Giving back to my community
promoting public good
Maintains a Local Perspective
help homeless animals locally
Maintains a Global Perspective
values importance of the protection of animals all around the world
Sophomore Year: Advanced Algebra System Applications Problem
Wasn't able to make connections effectively
used 1st person
quote explanations needed to go more in depth
made effective connections to theme of friendship
never used I/We/You/shouldn't
Insightful Commentary
(quote sandwhich)
clear and effective
Offers Ideas and Makes Contributions
offers helpful suggestions
takes responsibility
Works well with others
actively listen
unites as one and works toward goal
Respect and Value others
respect other's opinion
good communication

Sophmore Year Literary Analysis Essay "Spring" Poem
Junior Year Honors English Literary Analysis Essay
Absolutely True Diary of a Part Time Indian
: Analyze a poem by a
poet born in the 1800's

first literary analysis essay
had to analyze poetic devices
and relate them to the theme
not enough commentary between
took a rewrite to get an 89%
Questions Critically and Thinks Creatively

Solves Problems Effectively
develops strategies to solve problem
(algebraic methods: System of Equations)
Reaches accurate clear conclusion

Makes Connections
Understands what the answer means
presidential briefing on the
current stance of Jordan
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