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Copy of Imperialism


Talia Kaufman

on 16 March 2011

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Transcript of Copy of Imperialism

To what degree should we be proud or ashamed of American society and government between 1890 and 1920? In the years 1890-1920, America went from a small nation in isolationism, to an imperialistic world power. George Washington told us to stay out of the government and economic affairs of other countries and for awhile we obeyed that rule. Before the 1890s other countries started to identify America as a weak country. To prove them otherwise we decided to spread our religion and government style with the many surrounding islands and nations. For example Cuba, the Philippines, Panama, Puerto Rico, and Hawaii. End This political cartoon shows an eagle representing the United States taking over other countries. This graph shows the growth of the American Navy during the imperialistic period. This is a timeline of the major events that happen during the imperialistic period. This is a political cartoon of the positive affects that America had on the Philippines, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Cuba, and Panama. This cartoon is an example of why we should be proud of America. I think America was right to help Cuba get its independence and then stay to help them get their government started. I am proud of what Teddy Roosevelt did by helping the Panamanians to get independence from Columbia. After the rebellion ended the Panamanians granted Roosevelt's wish to build the canal. The canal saved time and money on fuel and the cost of shipping goods. Therefore I am proud of America's accomplishments. On the other hand, I was annoyed with some of the imperialistic things that happened that showed how unthoughtful America was. For instance, what we did in Hawaii. Even though it had great sugarcane crops we still shouldn't have paraded in there and took over the whole place. We also forced the Queen Liliuokalani to abandon her throne in Hawaii. I was also really ashamed of what America did in the Philipines. After we won in the Spanish-American War we should have helped the Philipieans until they were okay to survive as their own, then we should of left. But instead we betrayed the trust of the Philipieans and converted them to Chistianity even though most of the Philipieans were already Christian. I think that we were not obliged to go into those countries, and what happend in there was unacceptable. We shouldn't have forced them to change their whole government style, and religion, they were fine wothout us. During the major imperialistic time period you have to be either proud or ashamed of what we did, not in between. For most of the things that America did I am proud of what we did. Matthew Perry made an agreement called the Treaty of Kanagawa to trade and to open China's ports with America when they weren't trading with anyone else. William Seward was able to annex Midway Island in the middle of the Pacific. Seward also bought Alaska from the Russians' which was smart because Alaska ended up being filled with natural recources, such as gold. Imperialism http://www.folkways.si.edu/TrackDetails.aspx?itemid=12714 WOW LOOK AT HOW SMALL I AM look at me! tee hee
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