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Parent Comm

No description

Emily Rakowsky

on 3 December 2012

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Transcript of Parent Comm

The Research *The transition from elementary school to middle school What is your preferred method for contacting parents? *Email Improving Parent Communication in Middle School Emily Rakowsky Collecting Data *Parent Survey Results *Role of Technology *Using email effectively Building Positive Relationships Parent-School Partnerships *Communication sent home with student *Phone Call Parent Communication Going Forward Partnerships take time to develop. The strategies being used need to be given time to develop, be reviewed, and continuously revised to improve (Epstein). *Parent Involvement obstacles *Importance of Parent Involvement *Parent Involvement in middle school *Parent Communication Log *Student Survey *Curriculum Expectations *Communication barriers Curriculum Expectations Preferred way to be contacted... Conclusions Student Responses *Accelerated Reader *Daily Reading Expectation -92% reported agreed/strongly agreed that they understood the AR curriculum expectations. -5% responded that they were uncertain *100% agreed/strongly agreed with the daily reading expectation. *87% report that their parents check their grades on Infinite Campus Curriculum *Discussing books with parents *Daily reading requirement Communication Barrier *Taking things home to parents Purpose of the Study *Email *Phone Call Technology Research Questions 1. What barriers currently exist when it comes to parent communication?

2. What impact does student attitude have on parent communication?

3. What impact will improved communication efforts have on parental perceptions of curriculum expecations?

4. How will improved communication impact students' attendance, homework completion, and reading grade?
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