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Fort Mac Pets: FMSPCA 5.2.17

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Kimberly Williams

on 4 May 2017

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Transcript of Fort Mac Pets: FMSPCA 5.2.17

Evacuating Family Pets
from the Fort McMurray Wildfire:
Process, Politics & People

Guiding Questions:
Who was involved?
What obstacles, difficulties, and/or challenges did they face?
What successes did they have?
E&DM v. animal welfare advocates?
Animals' role in human recovery?
Alberta Ministry of Agriculture & Forestry
Alberta SPCA
Alberta Veterinary Medical Association
Wood Buffalo RCMP

Fort McMurray Animal Services
High River Municipal Emergency Management Program

Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society
Alberta Spay and Neuter Task Force
Lac La Biche Humane Society
Fort McMurray SPCA
Kimberly A. Williams, Ph.D.
Centre for Community Disaster Research
Mount Royal University
To learn more or get involved, visit fortmacpets.weebly.com.
Animals and E&DM:
A Shifting Perspective
To force people to evacuate without their pets puts the lives of civilians and first responders at risk.
Importance of companion animals to human resilience and mental wellness.
Avoid speciesism.
All stakeholders adhered successfully to the parameters of current best practices of E&DM, but...
Lack of effective inter-agency communication: Any Provincial plan should follow or be closely modeled after Incident Command System (ICS)
Under-utilization of resources: Any plan must take seriously the expertise of those already doing large-scale animal rescue, care, and/or reunification work in our province.

Fort McMurray, AB
May 4, 2017
When does the disaster end? Need to think about:
Pet-friendly rental housing
Getting humans and pets back home together
Volunteer management:
Recruitment of qualified personnel in advance
Housing, food, and human safety
What to do with all the spontaneous volunteers?
Change culture of E&DM
Those who are already doing this work, should continue doing it, but...
Must be professionally staffed
Criteria are needed to ensure qualifications
"The image of animal rights still suffers from stereotypical portrayals of overly emotional and irrational activists," the majority of whom are women working hard for no wages (Gaarder 11, 2011).
Gender Dynamics
Who Will Do The Work?
A City of Neighborhoods
Source: http://globalnews.ca/news/2679330/fort-mcmurray-wildfire-map-of-neighbourhoods-affected/; accessed April 1, 2017.
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