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Causes and effects of Language Death

No description

Brenda Lopez

on 24 November 2014

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Transcript of Causes and effects of Language Death

Causes and effects of Language Death

" Like organic matter, languages grow and die just like other living organisms."

-Susan Chebet
Why do languages die?
Which leads to the death or destruction of the habitat...
Influenza, Cold, HIV/AIDS ,
Changes in the Ecology of Languages
Leaving a tribal area and move to towns or other population to seek a better economy and living.
" This disappearance of languages continues today, and has greatly accelerated during the last two hundred years or so."
Based on Jim Harvey's speech structures
What is Language Death?
​Disappearance of a language, especially where speakers shift progressively to another or others.
According to the Ethnologue Languages of the World (2011), there are "over 7,106 known living languages" and every 14 days a language dies out .

(National Geographic, 2012)
Occurs when all of the native speakers are killed either, by natural phenomena disasters ...
The destruction of multilingualism and multiculturalism.

*When one language dies, the other dies too.
Languages particularly the Americas and Australia, have died during this period.

Death of all Speakers
Replacing a traditional language by a new one for a new culture and social setting.
Forces Acting Against Language Loss and Death
An endangered
language can be used as a secret language in situations in which its speakers are under heavy political or other pressure.
Economic reasons
People will learn a language in which the economy is stronger due to more employment opportunities, and other economic advantages.
Culture influence
Languages with no writing system will tend to change
a language with a writing system and a written because it has expression and an aggressive culture.
Political reasons
Speakers can be influenced by political reasons such as colonialism and conquest of area.

EX: The Incas pressuring local areas to learn Quechua language

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http:// www.youtube.com

Language shift
Baga Koga Extinct language
Ake 3,000 speakers in 3 villages
Ona 2 speakers
Tutuni 50 speakers
Paipai 300 speakers
Wayu 1,740 speakers
Veddah 300 speakers
Saami Lule 2,000 speakers
Saami Inari 300 speakers
Sonsoral 600 speakers
Tobian 22 speakers
1. People from the community must be interested in saving the endangered language.

2. Government must also be interested in saving the language and do something about it in terms of the constitution and offering safeguards to the community.

3. Expertise: Linguist, teachers, and other professionals can make a difference when it comes to saving a language.
Studying and documenting a language, as well as analyzing it,can save a language.

Creating materials so the language can be taught and saved from dying.
How can a language be saved?
It can be achieved though recording, documenting, and developing writing systems in order to retain the language in texts or audio/ video.
We need language diversity in order to have a successful humanity.

Reducing language diversity decreases the power of an individual and knowledge.
Human language symbolizes the achievement of human intelligence. Therefore, when a language dies, genetic diversity loses human knowledge.
The contribution to human knowledge is loss
Identity means physical appearance, personal beliefs, custom and language of a culture.
It has a connection with history, and language death impacts and affects it when it occurs.
Loss of identity
There is thousands of ways to express and describe the world, which makes us richer.
A culture's wealth is reduced when language death occurs.
Loss of culture's wealth
Language Death and
Disappearance: Causes and
Language Death and
Disappearance: Causes and
-Stephen A. Wurm
- Source: Language Files
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