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Rosie Sharp: Current Prezume (2013)

An alternative resume

Rosie Sharp

on 11 January 2017

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Transcript of Rosie Sharp: Current Prezume (2013)

and here's how this works... I'm Rosie. Learn about me on my website 1 2 3 Check out my blog! Read my resume! Explore this prezi for a glimpse into some of my projects, past experiences, and skills. 4 Implementing a Digital Asset Management System project management teambuilding Adobe Bridge creative problem solving (prez-uh-may) ROSIE SHARP: PREZUME logistics Thank You! About Me Crazy for Metadata Coordinator of Chaos It may come as surprise that anyone would dream about metadata or that they could learn to love it. This was my experience at Root Capital, where storytelling was integral to the organization’s branding strategy and digital assets (classified with metadata) allowed them to do that better. Not only were Root’s external communications enhanced by this newfound resource, but it also continues to be an integral knowledge management tool within the organization. My role was to manage the research, design, and implementation of an online system to manage over 15,000 digital assets for Root Capital. This process involved working with an international workforce to collect and classify digital files and then processing those files into the system using customized taxonomy. The final product was a web portal that allows for users to search for assets using tags and keywords as well as collect and share logos, videos, photos, and marketing materials. ability to learn and apply new skillsets quickly technologogy Front-end user interface with search features (i.e. portrait, coffee, Argentina, female, harvest, etc.) Back-end administrator portal for keyword/metadata input (i.e. photographer, date, location, etc.) Homepage Social Entrepreneurship in Developing Countries
In my role as a teaching assistant for the Social Enterprise Institute, I handled logistics planning for international trips to South Africa and Central America. I also helped to build content and fieldwork to help enhance the students learning about using business for global good.

As I lead students through the Nicaraguan countryside I had to balance morale and motivate them to embrace the challenges of a broken bus, changing expectations, and new ways of learning outside the classroom. . The most important thing I learned from working and traveling is that a positive attitude, tact and flexibility will take you far. I also learned that even if your bus breaks down in the rain, you still have to find a way home. business for global good Picture this situation. You have been planning a trip for over twenty college students and staff to travel to Nicaragua and Costa Rica. Each student has complex flight plans with connections and layovers, and a packed itinerary once the plane hits the ground. You realize that with a rain delay you will never make the connection, and the next flight isn't for two days. After four cups of coffee, countless calls to various airlines, and a few determined individuals, you have re-booked four separate itineraries to have every student in-country within 48 hours of the original arrival. grace under pressure http://www.northeastern.edu/sei/ Click here to learn about the SEI! South Africa Field Study Program www.rosiesharp.com The Dream Team Creating a Team in Western Kenya As a new manager in Kenya and an expatriate, I was wary how effective I would be managing a group of older, Kenyan men who had seemingly disparate job functions. Though everyone was functioning comfortably on their own, I felt that the dynamic of being part of a team would go far in terms of streamlining our operations and performance. Fast forward four months and we had joined forces, created and implemented new work planning and performance evaluation tools, and finally gotten the grass grown on the compound. Investors' Circle Member Directory & Conference Binder Adobe inDesign Design Time Created print and web-based marketing materials using Adobe software

Updated design files, marketing collateral, and website as needed

Supported launch and maintenance of web analytics and social media Built a member directory and conference binder using Salesforce and Adobe InDesign software Design & Technology Portfolio I love learning new forms of design and technology including Adobe programs, web design, blog platforms, and social networks. I have created several personal blogs and websites as well as a fundraising site for a project in the Dominican Republic. I also have basic user experience from working with several intranet systems at various companies, including one using Google’s platform, and managed my department’s intranet page at Root Capital. Northeastern Microfinance Fund - Fundraising Site Created a fundraising blog with pictures, testimonials, and information on how to give. The site continues to be used for subsequent trip fundraising efforts. Marketing & Communications Design Tumblr & html Web Design Social Media Print & Web-based Collateral
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