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FIRST Robotics in Bedford Public Schools K-12 and School Aid Grant

Presentation for MACUL, March 20, 2015

Ann-Marie Smith

on 8 May 2015

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Transcript of FIRST Robotics in Bedford Public Schools K-12 and School Aid Grant

FIRST Robotics
What is FIRST

Inspiration and

Recognition of


Section 99h
FIRST Program

FIRST in Michigan
How does it work?
FIRST Robotics kicks off in January - you learn the game and get the FIRST kit
Then you have six weeks to build then bag the robot:
Two District Events
State Championship
World Championship
Why should our school participate?
Creates positive student attitudes toward STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math)
Higher graduation rates (per Brandeis Study)
Kit of components (hardware) worth $15,000
Hundreds of thousands in free design software (Inventor, SolidWorks, Pro-E - now CREO, 3-D Studio Max)
Chance to partner and establish relationships with neighboring corporations and organizations
Why should a company participate?
Help grow their future workforce
Create visibility for their company to students who will enter the workforce in the near future
Re-energize current workforce
Use as a talent pool for summer internships and scholarships
Networking with the other 300+ companies in Michigan involved
15 district events across Michigan
Two days - Friday and Saturday
Every weekend in March and early April

Expanded state championshipin Grand Rapids at the Delta Plex, April 9-11
$275 (new team)
Kits differ, new teams may have higher expenses, parts do not change like in FRC
$140 - 715

Some additional costs: t-shirts, travel, additional parts

Money comes from sponsoring companies or grants
See http://www.usfirst.org/aboutus/impact
FIRST Education Standards Final Report
Gail Alpert, President of FIRST in Michigan invited Governor Snyder to visit a FIRST robotics competition.
Gail met with Governor Snyder in Lansing to discuss a grant to remove all the barriers to entry: Stipends for coaches, seed money for new teams, sustaining money for old teams and fees if the teams advance to states and worlds. In the 2013-2014 State School Aid Act $3 million was appropriated for FIRST Robotics grants. In 2014 an additional $2 million was appropriated.
Additionally, Governor Snyder asked that students participating in FIRST robotics be eligible to receive credit for their work.
The Michigan Department of Education has asked that grant recipients be willing to offer credit to any participating student that spends more than 60 hours during the season.
An additional incentive for educator participation as team coach at ALL levels of FIRST is the ability to receive State Continuing Education Clock Hours (SCECHs)
100 hours logged, 10 SCECHs; 200 hours logged, 20 SCECHs; 300 hours logged, 30 SCECHs; 400 hours logged 40 SCECHs.

Time spent at competitions/events does not count toward the hours log.

All applicants must have been on a team that participated in one exhibition for Jr. FLL, one qualifying event for FLL or FTC OR two district events for FRC.

If the applicant is not listed as the main or alternate contact on the team, the main or alternate contact must certify that the applicant participated as a mentor on the team.

Sign up information and log available at TechPlan.org. Click on "FIRST Robotics SCECH" from the PD menu.
Participants must keep time log.
Troy Athens High School
PITS at Kettering
Winning the prestigious Chairman's award
To start a team contact:
Jr. FLL - Cindy Nader, michiganjrfll@gmail.com
FLL - michiganfll@gmail.com
FTC - Tammy Damrath, michiganftc@gmail.com
FRC - Gail Alpert, gail.alpert@gmail.com

For grant information contact:

Ann-Marie Smith, MDE FIRST Robotics Grant Consultant, smitha24@michigan.gov or 517-335-2775

Amanda Stoel, MDE Analyst, MEGS+ Expert, stoela@michigan.gov or 517-241-3629
Bedford Public Schools
MDE's FIRST Robotics Grant:
a) Stipend for the headcoach in amount of $1,500 (limited to 100 stipends for FTC, 500 for FRC)

b) FTC - Start Up $300, existing $300
FRC - Start Up $7,500, second year $5,000,
third year plus $3,000

c) State, Super Regionals, and World competition participation grants for qualifying teams
FTC - State $100, Super Regionals $750, World $1,000
FRC - State Championship $4,000, World Championship up to $5,000
FIRST Robotics in Michigan
Michigan AfterSchool Association Collaborative Summer Summit 2015
Debbie May, Bedford Public Schools

Ann-Marie Smith, Consultant, MDE

Amanda Stoel, Analyst, MDE
Bedford Public Schools and Michigan Department of Education (MDE)
The next week Governor Snyder called and asked if FIRST in Michigan could meet with him to help get the FIRST Programs in every Michigan high school.
Junior FIRST Lego League (Jr. FLL) kicks off in August - you learn the game and get the FIRST kit:
Events held November through December
Jr. FLL Think Tank (national event) in April
FIRST Lego League (FLL) kicks off in August - you learn the game and get the FIRST kit

Events held November through December
State Championships in December
FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) kicks off in August - you learn the game and get the FIRST kit:
Events held November through December
State Championship in January
North Super-Regional Championship in March
World Championship in April
FIRST Progression of Programs
Jr. FIRST Lego League
Ages 6-9
Grades K-3
FIRST Lego League
Ages 9-14
Grades 4-8
FIRST Tech Challenge
Grades 7-12
FIRST Robotics Competition
Grades 9-12
The FIRST Program Grant has caused Michigan to go from 203 teams in 2013 to 280 teams in 2014 and 346 teams in 2015! Michigan leads the nation, with the next state, California, far behind in number of teams at 238
Significant, Rapid Expansion
Registration fee *
$6,000 (new team)
$5,000 (veteran team)
* includes two district events and kit of components

Some additional costs: aluminum, additional parts, t-shirts, travel

Money comes from sponsoring companies or grants
See usfirst.org for Jr. FLL and FLL pricing.
Bedford Jr. FLL
Grades K-3

Bedford FLL
Grades 4-5

Bedford FTC
Grades 6-8

Bedford Express FRC
Grades 9-12

FIRST Badges Pilot Project
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.
1) Participation/Leadership
2) Marketing/Communications
3) Electronics
4) Engineering Design
2015 Fall Technology and Curriculum Directors Conference
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