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Art of Theatre: Our Relationship with Theatre

Exploring our own perspectives on theatre

Katherine Burke

on 25 October 2013

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Transcript of Art of Theatre: Our Relationship with Theatre

What is
What is
Introduce yourself to three people you don't know. Tell them something about you that is surprising.
Hop on one foot ten times.
Silently walk out in the hallway and spin around.
Touch the back wall with your nose.
Knock on the table.
Sit back down in your seat.
Where to begin?
Same Journey
Learn the middle names of three people
Find someone else with your color eyes and introduce yourself
Jump up and down
Turn around 3 times
Touch your nose to the red wall
Sit back down
“One cannot look directly at the truly big human issues any more than one can look directly at the sun. In order to see the sun you look slightly to the side. Between the sun and where you are looking is your perception of the sun. Metaphor is that which is carried above the literalness of life. Art is metaphor and metaphor is transformation.”

Anne Bogart, A Director Prepares
How does metaphor influence our perception?
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