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Honda PPT

No description

natalie hernandez

on 10 June 2013

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Transcript of Honda PPT

By: Nathalie Hernandez Honda 1) Customized I-Mid System
2) 39 HWY MPG 140 horsepower
3) Available Bluetooth
4) ACE body structure
5) Vehicle stability assist
6) ECO assist Features Honda Civic Coupe Used to convince buyers of the value of the Honda products.
Use FAB sales model (Media,Websites etc.) Communication FAB Marketing Two way
Honda collects feedback on satisfaction of the clients. Communication
Feedback Can persuade the customer to purchase based on features
Beyond core elements of the product
Client can inform Honda about which features were adding value and which ones were not Why communication is important Central source for information on the vehicle
More convenient way to display vital information on the performance of the vehicle
Customizable Customized I-Mid System
Advantages Car dealerships have limited pricing control
Manufacturer Retail Suggested Price (MRSP)
Dealerships enter contract agreements with manufacturers
Profit margins are different depending on the model
Competition among dealerships Setting the Selling Price Determine the economic value of the product
Don’t waste the salesperson’s time
Negotiate tradeoffs How do I get the best price? Founded in Japan
In 1946 ,Soichiro Honda establishes Honda Technical Research Institute
Foray into North American market History of Honda In 1959, Honda establishes American Honda Motor Co., Inc. The Super Cub, the Dream and the Benly motorcycles are the first products.
Springboard from North America to Global market Difference Between Trims



+$6,250 Price (MSRP)





$24,990 1.5 Litre Engine (93 HP), Integrated Motor Assist (Electric Component), Very Similar to EX model Added to EX, includes 2.0 litre Engine (197 HP), 17” Alloy rims, Fog Lights, Red Backlit Gauges, Interior Illumination Added to LX, includes Power Moonroof, 16” Alloy Rims, Leather Wrapped Steering Wheel Added to DX, includes Air-conditioning, Power Windows and Locks, Paint Matched Side Mirrors and Door Handles 1.8 Litre Engine (140HP), No Air-conditioning, No Power Windows or Locks, and Hub Cap Rims Features Honda Civic Models:





Hybrid Offering Design Hybrid: Rated in 2012 for best family car, and in 2011 most fuel efficient car, the hybrid is targeted towards consumers who like to travel and to those who want to be more eco-friendly Si: Stands for Sport Injected, offers a 197 HP engine with great fuel economy, targeted towards bachelors 30 and under who want a quick nimble car for less than $30,000. Sedan: Offers up more space and improved comfort, targeted towards couples expecting children and to families with 3 or more persons. Coupe: Sleek sporty look without breaking your budget, targeted towards young new car owners and consumers who are sensitive to maintenance costs. Segmentation The re-designed 9th generation of Honda Civic was released in 2012 and did not exceed their target market’s expectations. Problem In 2006 the 8th Generation design was quoted as one of the best generation designs by Honda’s loyal fan base. A recommendation would be since they re-design every 3-5 years, the next generation of Civic should have more customer input. Recommendation Comparative
Pricing Different methods of payment are offered to customers
Cash purchase, ex: $14,990 paid at time of purchase Buying a Civic The payment calculator offers different options for payment amounts and frequencies
Price Control, prices are tailored for each region of Canada's local taxes
Customer-friendly tool that is easy to use
Creates a willingness to spend Payment Calculator Promotions are often for lower interest rates for financing
'Honda Checkered Flag Event' Deals and Promotions Tiered Pricing Honda offers enhanced customer tools “Build Your Honda”
Various Civic models acting as a Price Fence of different features offered at different prices Protection package
All-season mats, splashguards and trunk tray
Aero Kit
Front skirt, rear skirt, and side skirts Packages Graduate Program
Ex: Graduates of an accredited minimum 3 or 4 year university program, graduates of a police or military school, etc. Price Level Honda manufactures a wide variety of vehicle models
Typically low to middle income levels
High income have option of the Acura brand
All potential new/existing buyer Strategic Pricing Pyramid References (contracts)
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