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GLBT Families in America

This Prezi explores many issues, controversies, and statistics associated with GLBT families today in the U.S.

Allison Boyajian

on 26 April 2011

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Transcript of GLBT Families in America

families Who? " LGBT (or GLBT) is an initialism
used since the 1990s as a self-designation
by what was formerly known as the 'gay
community'. It refers collectively to 'lesbian,
gay, bisexual, and transgender' people. " What? A GLBT family is on in which
where a lesbian, gay, bisexual,
or transgender individual is
parenting one or more child When? Although there is no exact date
marking the "beginnings" of homo/bisexuality, such tendencies can be traced back to the earliest days of America Socrates
Lord Byron
Edward II
Oscar Wilde
Walt Whitman
Leonardo DeVinci
Julius Caesar
Marie Antoinette
Eleanor Roosevelt Historical figures who were
speculated to be gay or bisexual: Today, being GLBT
is considered much
more common than it
was years ago Current icons who are
considered gay or bisexual today: Ellen Degeneres
Ricky Martin
Lance Bass
Alexander McQueen
Rosie O'Donnell
Elton John
Tila Tequila
Jane Lynch
Cynthia Nixon
Where? Who is considered
to be GLBT? What is a
GLBT family? When did
this all start? Where are some
GLBT issues taking
place? States Where Gay Marriage Is Legal:
Massachusetts (2004)
Connecticut (2008)
Iowa (2009)
Vermont (2009)
New Hampshire (2010)
Washington, D.C. (2010) (not a state) States That Recognize Out-of-State Gay Marriages:
New York
California (only if the marriage is from before Proposition 8 was passed) Most Same Sex
Couples by City
New York, NY: 47,000
Los Angeles, CA: 12,000
Chicago, IL: 10,000 More Statistics:
(As of January 2011) *Latest Gay Marriage Support Polls
-Strongly favor/favor: 41%
-Oppose/strongly appose: 47%
-Unsure: 10%

Barack Obama
on Gay Marriage The story of
two gay Dads
Struggles with having
an LGBT family: “coming out can mark the renunciation of kinship, the shift from 'family' to 'no family'” (Weston 29) A few anti gay marriage arguments:
1. "Children hunger for their biological parents. A few pro gay marriage
arguments: 1. Gay marriage is not a new right.The Supreme Court said back in 1978 that marriage is “a fundamental right.” *Children often feel
isolated and different from their friends who have straight parents *Children can have
confused ideas about what's
"normal" and what's not. *Other family members might not be accepting; abandonment

"When our other father and Steve got divorced," remembers Scott, now 16, "our father's brother, Uncle Bob, said, 'I'm sorry, but that's how those relationships end up. I'm sorry because I won't be seeing you in heaven.'" *Public support for gay marriage has increased about 1% annually over the last two decades. *Statisticians predict a majority of Americans will support gay marriage by 2012.
*"In the 2000 U.S. Census, 33 percent of female same-sex couple households and 22 percent of male same-sex couple households reported at least one child under eighteen living in their home"
*Homosexuals are denied 1,038 rights that straights are granted:

-The right to make decisions on a
partner's behalf in a medical emergency

-The right to take up to 12 weeks of
leave from work to care for a seriously
ill partner or parent of a partner.

-The right to petition for same-sex partners to immigrate.

-The right to assume parenting rights and responsibilities when children are brought into a family through birth, adoption, surrogacy or other means.

-The right to share equitably all jointly held property and debt in the event of a breakup, since there are no laws that cover the dissolution of domestic partnerships. Homosexual couples using in vitro fertilization (IVF) or surrogate mothers deliberately create a class of children who will live apart from their mother or father. Yale Child Study Center psychiatrist Kyle Pruett reports that children of IVF often ask their single or lesbian mothers about their fathers, asking their mothers questions like the following:"Mommy, what did you do with my daddy?" "Can I write him a letter?" "Has he ever seen me?" "Didn't you like him? Didn't he like me?" Elizabeth Marquardt reports that children of divorce often report similar feelings about their non-custodial parent, usually the father."

Kyle Pruett, Fatherneed (Broadway Books, 2001) 204.
Elizabeth Marquardt, The Moral and Spiritual Lives of Children of Divorce. Forthcoming. 2. Children with two lesbian mothers need a father. 3. Children with two gay fathers need a mother. 4. Same-sex marriage would destroy the institution of marriage.
2. Gay marriages don’t hurt straight marriages.
3. The ability to marry is a human right
4. It's not the governments job to discourage people from their identity References:

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All images used from Google.com
All videos used from YouTube.com

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