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Christopher Columbus Biography

No description

Ivan Miranda

on 3 October 2014

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Transcript of Christopher Columbus Biography

Christopher Columbus Biography
By Ivan Miranda Holmes Middle School

Personal Details
Discoveries & Beliefs
Christopher Columbus believed many things for example, he thought the world was pear shaped and also claimed to see mermaids while sailing on one of his voyages.

Columbus also made many discoveries some being, sailing between Portugal and Iceland for his first voyage. His second voyage however changed the world, he had found America, which back then he thought was Asia.
Christopher Columbus Timeline
Christopher Columbus Collage
Thank You for Watching
Name: Christopher Columbus
Born: October 1451, Genoa, Italy
Death: 20th May, 1506, Valladolid, Spain
Full Name: Cristoforo Colombo
Children: Diego Columbus & Ferdinand Columbus
Partner: Filipa Moniz Perestrello
Parents: Domenico Colombo & Susanna Fontanarossa
Interests/Hobbies: Sailing, Exploring & Discovering
Nationality: Italian

Christopher Columbus was born on 31st October to Domenico and Susanna.

Columbus marries Filipa Moniz Perestrello. They moved to the island of Porto Santo, near Madiera. Then later had their first son Diego.

August 1492
Columbus sets sail for India. He led 3 ships, the "Pinta", the "Nina" and the Santa Maria. Columbus himself rode on the Santa Maria.
October 1492
When Columbus reached Asia they found it was not Asia at all but the coasts of America
Columbus made 2 other trips to America but both times came home empty handed with no jewels or valuable items. His brothers stayed in America while he returned to Spain.
Christopher Columbus' second son is born, Ferdinand.
Spain paid Christopher to return again to America only to find that his brother's colony was a mess and was accused and arrested for his brother's crimes.
Christopher was later found not guilty of his brothers crimes he was accused of. Spain agreed to pay Christopher one last voyage to America, but still did not find any route to Asia or found any treasures or valuables
Columbus' Voyages
Christopher Columbus returned to Spain were he passed away
He brought back spices and salt for the food because they didn't have refrigerators to keep their food fresh so they put spices on them to keep them from rotting, and it made them taste good. He also brought back cacao (the main ingredient in chocolate), some of the native americans, gold, and tobacco.
Columbus sailed to the west to find gold and spices to bring back to Spain and please the King and Queen. In the end, he did not find either of these things, and instead brought back American Indian slaves.
What did Christopher Columbus bring back from America?
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