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Geography Costa Rica

No description

Mauricio Lozano

on 22 January 2013

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Transcript of Geography Costa Rica

http://www.indexmundi.com/costa_rica/geographic_coordinates.html 12-4-12 Costa Rica Location
10 00N, 84 00W
Nicaragua- North Neighbor/Panama-South Neighbor
North Pacific Ocean- West Boundary/Caribbean Sea-East Boundary Place
Costa Rica is a tropical country with many rainforests
Costa Rica's geography also consists of mountains and coastal plains
http://www.panoramio.com/map/#lt=9.748917&ln=-83.753428&z=9&k=2&a=1&tab=1&pl=all Human-Environment Interactions
Humans try to conserve the rainforests
Deforestation occurs in order to make room for agriculture Regions
Carribbean, Central Pacific, Central Valley, Northern Pacific, Northern Plains, Southern Pacific http://www.lib.utexas.edu/maps/cia12/costa_rica_sm_2012.gif 12-4-12 Movement
Exports- Coffee, Bananas, Sugar, Cocoa, and Meat Products
Imports- Mining/Industry Materials, Capital Goods, and Consumer Goods
Movement regularly happens on ships or planes. http://www.costaricatraveller.com/maps/costa_rica_regions.gif 12-4-12 http://www.mongabay.com/images/external/2006/satellite/latin_america/costa_rica.jpg 12-4-12 Costa Rica Costa Rica Country Research Costa Rica Mauricio Lozano http://www.nationsencyclopedia.com/Americas/Costa-Rica-FOREIGN-TRADE.html 12-4-12 http://www.costaricatraveller.com/regions_of_costa_rica/costa_rica_regions_map.htm 12-4-12 Google Earth Regions Country MAPS Physical Geography
Rain Forests
Mountains Coasts
Coastal Plains Costa Rica People use the land mainly for agriculture to grow food. http://www.costa-rica-life.com/costa-rica-geography.html Rivers Volcanoes Active volcanoes are a constant threat to Costa Ricans.
Earthquakes accompany the threatening volcanoes. Costa Rica http://www.fofweb.com/WGCO/Weather.aspx?Page=10&iPin=M0019717 1. Seasons
Wet Season
Dry Seasons 2.Climate Zones
Torrid Zone
Temperate Zone
Cold Zone Costa Rica Torrid Zone
Temperature 85'F-95'F
Temperate Zone
Temperature 75'F-80'F
Cold Zone
Temperature 41'F-59'F Climate Zones Wet Season
Dry Season
Dry & Hot
December-April Costa Rica http://www.crcnl.org/?p=101 http://www.viaturtravel.net/ABOUTCOSTARICA/GeographyandClimate/tabid/95/language/en-GB/Default.aspx 3. Adaptations Adaptations
Argoforestry is a technique people use in order to be productive in agriculture in the tropical climate
People wear clothes suitable for the climate
There are not many adaptations influenced by hurricanes because not many hurricanes occur in Costa Rica Costa Rica Seasons Costa Rica Culture
Etiquette Costa Rica Religion
Roman Catholic- 77%
Christianity- 16%
Other- 7% http://www.culturecrossing.net/basics_business_student.php?id=50 http://www.cyborlink.com/besite/costa_rica.htm Costa Rica Clothing
Men- Business clothing consists of suit and tie. Jackets should be on at all times.
Women- Business clothes consists of stylish suits or dresses with matching shoes. Revealing clothing is not acceptable. Costa Rica Language
Spanish- Costa Rica's Official language
English Costa Rica Foods Most Costa Rican dishes contain rice and black beans. Gallo Pinto- Rice and black beans mixed together. It is considered Costa Rica's national dish. Casado- Rice and black beans are seperated, and are accompanied by some type of meat and a salad. Costa Rica Plantano- Baked or fried banannas Olla de Carne- Stew made with beef, potatoes, carrots, and vegetable pear. http://www.vivacostarica.com/costa-rica-information/costa-rica-food.html http://www.empanadasricas.com/empanadas-recipes/gallo-pinto-rice-and-beans.html http://gocentralamerica.about.com/od/restaurantsrecipes/ss/costa_rica_food.htm http://nikas-culinaria.com/2006/02/01/how-2-guide-on-how-to-make-platanos-fried-plantains-or-tostones/ http://lpcordero.blogspot.com/2011/04/costa-rican-beef-soup.html Costa Rica Etiquette Greetings
Man to Man- Firm handshake and direct eye contact at any time.
Woman to Woman- First time consist of handshakes, but friends and family consist of kisses on the cheek.
Woman to Man- First time consist of handshakes, but friends or families allow kisses on the cheek. Taboos
Placing feet on furniture
Fidgeting with hands or feet
Placing thumb in between middle and index finger and making a fist http://www.paradisehunter.com/countryinformation/costa-rica/visiting-there/etiquette http://gomoplaces.blogspot.com/2012/09/costa-rica-day-three-customs.html http://costarica.com/culture/customs-etiquette/ http://www.indexmundi.com/costa_rica/demographics_profile.html http://www.photius.com/wfb1999/costa_rica/costa_rica_government.html Costa Rica Political Government
Government Type
Current Leaders
Timeline Costa Rica Population & Demography Costa Rica Population http://www.wou.edu/~mcgladm/Mexico%20&%20Central%20America/for%20exam%202/population%20pyramids/ Costa Rica Future Population Projections http://www.worldlifeexpectancy.com/country-health-profile/costa-rica http://populationpyramid.net/Costa+Rica/2020/ Costa Rica is a Democratic Republic
Elected Leaders
Seperation Of Powers
Checks and Balances Costa Rica Costa Rica Elected Leaders- Leaders are elceted by the governed for their benefit Seperation Of Powers- Government power is divided between three branches, Legislative, Executive & Judicial Checks and Balances- Each branch has specific powers over the other two in order to maintain balance. Costa Rica President- Laura Chinchilla
1st Vice President- Alfio Piva Mesen
2nd Vice President- Luis Liberman Ginsburg http://www.centralamerica.com/cr/info/govern.htm http://www.casapres.go.cr/portal/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=113&Itemid=109 http://sdjewishworld.wordpress.com/2010/02/10/luis-liberman-ginsburg-elected-vice-president-of-costa-rica/ 26 24 21 http://www.newspitter.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/Laura_chinchilla_miranda-cota-rica-president-5.jpg 26 http://portale.lombardinelmondo.org/nazioni/americalatina/articoli/mondoeconomico/alfiopiv/image_mini 26 http://images.juedische-allgemeine.de/article/1090.jpg Costa Rica Timeline 2 5 5 5 4 5 6 8/9 6 13 12 10 15 15 15 16 16 17 17 17 20 20 24 26 12-6-12 12-6-12 12-6-12 12-6-12 12-10-12 12-10-12 12-10-12 12-10-12 12-10-12 12-10-12 12-10-12 12-10-12 12-10-12 12-10-12 12-11-12 12-11-12 12-11-12 12-11-12 12-11-12 12-11-12 12-11-12 12-11-12 12-11-12 http://www.timeforkids.com/destination/costa-rica/history-timeline 25 1502- Spanish Exploration 1821- Independence from Spain 1838- Costa Rica becomes independent country 1949- Constitution established 1987- President Oscar Arias wins Nobel Piece Prize 2010- Laura Chinchilla becomes first woman president Costa Rica Urban Geography
Where People Live/Land Use
Average Home/House
Landmarks Most people live in either cities or the country side. People live in the cities due to jobs dealing with business or manufacturing People live in the country side in order to work on agriculture Costa Rica Costa Rica & USA Statistics (2000) There will be many elders in the future, so it would be wise to enter the healthcare business. In addition, there will be an abundance of children, so a job in elementary and secondary would be a good choice. Costa Rica Where People Live/Land Use Costa Rica Average Home/House http://www.welovecostarica.com/public/images/PasodelasGarzasHouse1.jpg 30 http://treehouseshotelcostarica.com/beach/costa-rica.jpg 30 12-12-12 http://www.mariposasdelsol.com/images/costa-rica-rental-house.jpg 12-12-12 30 http://www.pacificlots.com/ 30 12-12-12 Costa Rican's houses are modest size. They can either biuld or hire someone to build their houses for them. People buy what they can afford so houses do vary. Costa Rica Landmarks Juan Sntamaria Statue- Stands in Alajuela to recognize the hero's brave acts in the War of 1856 http://www.riojarentacar.com/web/subcategories/view/33/monument-to-juan-santamaria 12-12-12 31 La Fortuna- Magnificent waterfall, whose water falls on the base of the Chato Volcano http://www.shutterstock.com/pic-12390874/stock-photo-long-exposure-shot-of-a-famous-waterfall-la-fortuna-costa-rica.html 31 12-12-12 Poas- Active volcano in Costa Rica http://costa-rica-guide.com/parks/poas.htm 31 12-12-12 http://www.arenal.net/la-fortuna-waterfall-costa-rica.htm 31 12-12-12 Costa Rica Economic Geography
Economic Shift
Classes/Wealth Distribution
Televisions, Cars & Telephones Costa Rica Currency Colon-consist of coins and bills. Name influenced by Christopher Columbus. Conversion- 7 colones = 1 U.S. cent Costa Rica Economical Shift http://coinmill.com/CRC_calculator.html#CRC=7.00 33 12-13-12 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Costa_Rican_col%C3%B3n 33 12-13-12 There is no economical shift. Agriculture still dominates the economy. However, there was a rapid growth of manufacturing in the 1960-70's. http://philip.greenspun.com/cr/moon/economy 31 12-13-12 Costa Rica Classes/Wealth Distribution Classes- Upper, Upper Middle, Lower Middle, Working Class, Lower Class Wealth Distribution is distributed very unequally http://jrscience.wcp.muohio.edu/fieldcourses03/PapersCostaRicaArticles/CostaRicaSocialStructure.html 35 12-13-12 Costa Rica Imports/Exports
Exports- Coffee, Bananas, Sugar, Cocoa, and Meat Products
Imports- Mining/Industry Materials, Capital Goods, and Consumer Goods http://thehypervigilantobserver.blogspot.com/2010/06/costa-rica-currency-intervention.html 33 12-13-12 http://coins.about.com/od/worldcoins/ig/World-Coins-Gallery-Index/Costa-Rican-Money-Coins.htm 33 12-13-12 http://www.costaricapages.com/blog/costa-rica-news/limon-port-strikes/702 12-13-12 36 Costa Rica Costa Rica Televisions http://www.glencoe.com/qe/qe27db.php?&st=124&pt=17&bk=9 36 12-13-12 Costa Rica Cars Costa Rica Telephones http://www.sitesatlas.com/Thematic-Maps/Telephone-main-lines-per-capita.html 39 12-13-12 Work Cited 26 12-11-12 12-11-12 12-12-12 12-12-12 1 2 3 4 5 6 Migration Terms
In-Migration- Migration into a place or region
Out-Migration- Migration out of a place or region
Net-Migration-The difference between immigration into and emigration from the area during the year
Immigration- The act of moving into a new country permanently
Emigrate- To leave a place in order to go and live somewhere else
Push/Pull Factors- The push factor involves a force which acts to drive people away from a place and the pull factor is what draws them to a new location. 40 http://stats.oecd.org/glossary/detail.asp?ID=6639 http://www.thefreedictionary.com/in-migration 41 http://www.bing.com/Dictionary/search?q=define+emigrate&go=&qs=n&form=QB 42 http://geography.about.com/od/geographyglossaryp/g/ggpushpull.htm 43 Migration into Costa Rica
Many people from Nicaragua have illegally migrated into Costa Rica in order to find jobs.
Nicaragua is a very poor country, and in order to escape poverty, people move to Costa Rica.
The government in Costa Rica has tried to stop the illegal immigration by enforcing new laws and establishing an 8-foot wall along the border. Push/Pull Factors
Pull- Jobs in Costa Rica lure many immigrants, especially from Nicaragua, that are trying to find jobs for a better economical life.
Push- Costa Rica is a country with few to no push factors, but when people are pushed from their countries due to economical issues, people tend to go to Costa Rica because it is a very stable country when it comes to money. http://usatoday30.usatoday.com/news/world/2010-12-30-foreignimmigration30_ST_N.htm 44 http://usatoday30.usatoday.com/news/world/2010-12-30-foreignimmigration30_ST_N.htm An Immigrants Story
Ingmar Herrera is a 17 year old illegal immigrant who washes tractor-trailers for a living.

Interviewer- When did you move to Costa Rica?
Herrera- About a year ago.
Interviewer- Why did you come to Costa Rica?
Herrera- I was looking for work in order to make a better living.
Interviewer- Did you find what you were looking for?
Herrera- Yes, I found a job washing trailer-tractors.
Interviewer- Did you risk anything on your journey?
Herrera- Yes, I risked my life the whole time, and the communication between my family was also risked, but eventually lost.
Interviewer- Did your life get better economically?
Herrera- Well it's better than what it was back in Nicaragua.
Interviewer- Why didn't you go to the United States?
Herrera- We would have had to cross dense violence in Mexico in order to reach the U.S., and that wasn't worth it.
Interviewer- Do you plan on moving back to Nicaragua?
Herrera- No, I'm better off here than i would ever be in Nicaragua. http://igitur-archive.library.uu.nl/student-thesis/2012-0829-200609/UUindex.html http://www.youtube.com 45 46 Sebastian is an immigrant from Nicaragua and he describes what a job means to him in Costa Rica
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