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Why food additives should be banned?

Biology presentation

Julia Grozdanovska

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Why food additives should be banned?

What are food additives Food additives and children What can be done Additives and mental health Food additives do not only affect your physical health, but they have a large affect on your mental health. People who live on food with lots of additives are usually very hard to be around, as they have a lot of mood swings. Food additives are substances (such as chemicals) that are added to food to preserve or change its flavor, taste, appearance, smell etc. Why food additives should be banned? There are tons of foods that have no additives.
This food is better for your body, and it will increase your mental health as well.
For people our age, the type of food we eat changes how we are in school. Eating food without additives may help our concentration levels, our moods etc. By Julia and Lyuba

Final message:
Do not eat food additives!

Eat fruits.... yummm Researchers have found proof that food additives are bad for children. This is because their digestive system cannot break down the chemicals as effectively as adults digestive system.

Children who eat a diet with a lot of food additive tend to have temper tantrums, poor attention and concentration, skin rashes, headaches etc. What food
can you find
food additives in The food that has most additives, and that is eaten the most is found in sweets, or in food labeled diet/sugar free.
Food dyes are the most common additive. Almost every food has some trace of a dye. Coke is not actually black, fanta is not actually orange, sweets are not actually red. all of these foods are full with dyes.
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