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Group Presentation

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Cara Olden

on 14 February 2011

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Transcript of Group Presentation

Get Tough Get Educated Jake Guentert, Jenny Ross, Danny Mercer, Cara Olden Learn from the past. Easter Island greenland Tikopia New Guinea
Highlands Get here What's happening now? Get Ahead How's the future looking? Climate Change Water shortage Get Started What can we do? The future is looking rough. bottom-up Top-down Educate Get Active What can you do? Reduce Reuse Recycle A controversial collapse. Refusal to adapt. prosperous island nation A people who listen to and take care of their land. Overpopulation Get Cited Give some credit. A governing body makes decisions that take their people in a positive diection. A citizen-action oriented approach to getting the job done. By recycling half of your household waste, you can save 2,400 pounds of carbon dioxide annually. Buy second hand You could find some really cool stuff! in tupperware Pack you lunch Twenty recycled aluminium cans can be made with the energy it takes to manufacture one brand new one. Every ton of glass recycled saves the equivalent of nine gallons of fuel oil needed to make glass from virgin materials. Choose reusable over disposable. turn down thermostat in the winter, turn it up in the summer Impact our future A personal and Deforestation Invasion Carelessness rats people small knowledge impact desire take care traditions fish inuits climate practice experimentation rudimental Oil consumption 6.7 billion
(2007) 9.2 billion
(2050) The greenhouse gasses we are puming into the atmosphere now are only adding to our already unstable climate. “The U.S. average of 1,300 gallons of water per day, per citizen, is the highest use rate in the world, and some sixty times the average for many third world nations.”-James Kunstler a maximum of thirty seven years of oil left in the earth however, it takes more than one barrel’s worth of oil to pump out one barrel. Still, global consumption of all forms of energy will at least double between now and 2050 OUr Globe is: Hot Flat Crowded Earth has already warmed on average by 0.8 degrees (Celsius). CO2 levels stand at 384 ppm, climbing at rate of 2 ppm/year 5-6 degree (Celsius) difference between an ice age and an interglacial period like now United States consumes 20 million barrels of oil every day Deforestation in the tropics occurs at about an acre per second Energy consumption grew by 5% each year from 1951 to 1970 In 1900, only 14% of humanity lived in cities Species extinctions are at 100 to 1000 times the normal “background” rate World population is approximately 6.9 billion today. By the century's close, 47% of us did Today, more than half of our estimated 6.9 billion people live in cities • Diamond, Jared. Collapse. London: Penguin Books Ltd, 2006. Print.
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