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Views - Jacobean era.

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Staci Banfield

on 16 October 2012

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Transcript of Views - Jacobean era.

by Staci Banfield (and sometimes Elizabethan) Views on women. The people of the Jacobean era were extremely religious and everything they did, said or believed related back to religion and their belief in God.
There was also a superstition and fear surrounding witches, almost everything that seemed out of the norm according to religious views was seen to be supernatural and was feared. Religious views. Views on love & marriage Most of the politics that existed around this time were based on the beliefs of the monarchy and the royal family. For example, if the king or queen were highly religious, everyone in the country was expected to go to Church and believe in the same things their leader did.
Crime was not looked upon lightly and those who broke laws against society and religion were tortured brutally and, some times, executed.
Brutal tactics were used to do this. For example, one woman was put on a device that stretched out a person's body and dislocated their joints and bones before being executed because she did not agree with the Church of England's practices. Views on politics and crime The men of this time were seen as noble, strong and much more powerful and ambitious than women. They were expected to work and go into battle for their country if needed.
Men were meant to be able to fend for themselves and their families and raise strong boys and obedient girls.
Men who did not do this were viewed as insignificant, weak and powerless. Views on men. Views in the Jacobean Era. Women of the Jacobean era were not seen to be as strong, powerful and ambitious as men - and they were not expected to be.
Women were supposed to be feminine, delicate and caring so that they could take care of a family and bear children. (So everything opposite to Lady Macbeth).
Women who did not marry and bear children were believed to be witches and were out-casted in society. In the higher levels of the social hierarchy, marriages were arranged based on business rather than love. Highly respected and wealthy families would marry into others like their own to gain power rather than companionship. Love was irrelevant in most cases, but some of these marriages saw love form between a couple after the vows had been said.
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