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Two Words

No description

Raelyn Murphy

on 4 October 2012

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Transcript of Two Words

By: Isabel Allende Two Words Plot 1. Belisa Crepusculario leaves her poor life and sets out to find something new
2. Belisa learns for the first time what words are and becomes fascinated with them
3. She decides that creating a buisness revolving around selling words may be the best option for her
4. Belisa's word buiness becomes very popular and even the colonel seeks her help
5. Belisa helps the colonel write a speech that he needed, and leaves him with 2 special words that only he heard
6. The colonel is haunted by the words Belissa gave him and his men start to become worried about him
7. The colonel is cured when his men brings Belisa to him and he gets to see her again Setting Character Analysis Belisa Crepusculario: Came from a poor life, but set out and created a respectable buisness for herself.

Mullato: The leader of the colonel’s horseman, known for his quickness of the knife and loyalty to his chief. His name is irremediably linked to calamity and plunder, and he is known as a static character, someone who does not change throughout the story

Colonel: has a powerful and intimidating demeanor, but has become tired of always being feared. Although he is very powerful he is illiterate. His name is also linked to calamity and plunder. He is what is known as a dynamic character, he changes throughout the story. Going from a war driven criminal to a simple man in love.

Calamity: a great misfortune or disaster, as a flood or serious injury.

Plunder: to rob of goods or valuables by open force, as in war, hostile raids, brigandage, etc.: to plunder a town.
- The author Isabel Allende was latin american, and you can feel her roots come through in the story
- Timing of the story is set just after the civil war -The author chose to write this story with a magical and mythical tone, but at the same time was explaining a complicated love story

- Readers become either confused or immediatley drawn in by the unique layout of the story, and creativity of the plot and style

Writing Style -Isabel Allende always uses generally the same themes and writing styles throughout all of her works, here is a video explaining her past and how it affects all of her stories. - The author writes a lot of her stories this way, and they almost always have a strong feminine role -The author creates mixed feelings with the readers about the relationship between the two main characters Belisa and the Colonel

-We are lead to believe that it is a happy ending with a love story, but we feel conflicted by the relationship between the 2 characters

-Belisa is always seen as not only a good, sweet hearted character but a strong woman, where as the colonel is sinister

-Readers might find it hard to enjoy their relationship because we feel it might not be the best choice for Belisa, that she's letting her guard down and falling for the bad guy

-Therefore the reader can make many different interpretations that the author may not have intended to make Reader/ Authorial Resolution -The title ties in with the story by connecting with the conclusion

-The whole story is really all about the two special words Belisa gives the colonel and what they might be

-The author chose never to reveal what the two words actually were but to keep her readers guessing what they might have been from the context of the story Can You Guess The Two Words?
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