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Holding up the Universe

No description

Reefa Maknojia

on 1 March 2017

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Transcript of Holding up the Universe

“Everyone in my life is a stranger, and that includes me.”
“People are s***** for a lot of reasons. Sometimes they're just s***** people. Sometimes people have been s***** to them and, even though they don't realize it, they take that s***** upbringing and go out into the world and treat others the same way. Sometimes they're s***** because they're afraid. Sometimes they choose to be s***** to others before others can be s***** to them. So it's like self-defensive s*****ness.”
Jack- literally a stranger to himself. Not kidding. Typical "popular" kid.

Libby- former "America's Fattest Teen" and is still bullied about her weight. Typical girl that gets picked on.

Cliche high-school setting
Alternates point of view between Libby and Jack
Holding up the Universe
-New York Times Bestseller

-Realistic Fiction
Jack wakes up to 7 scary miss calls from his girlfriend
Turns out, he kissed her cousin at the party last night
Fat girl rodeo with his two friends:who he identifies by hair and height
Together, Libby and him try finding a solution for his face-blindness
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