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amr magdy

on 6 February 2013

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Transcript of HorCrux

IV IT DD Modified Prescriptions Dubbed Nurses Movies Awarness Session for nurses 5 Posters List of Requirments Overview IV Fluids Before After Regular Medicine After Before Nurse Sheet After Before Presc. Sum up Vital signs measuring Iv line administrating Cleaning ICU Baby Care Infection control Captopril Itraconazole Problems Administration Solution Methodology Ingredients ascorpic acid 1 tablet Captopril Distilled water Formulation 1) Crushing one 25 mg Captopril tablet and one 250 mg ascorbic capsule 2) Add 25 ml distilled water in an amber bottle 3) Add 25 mg Captopril, 250mg Ascorbic acid to DW 4) Shake until tablets dissolve (may take approximately 20 minutes) Problems Solution Methodology Ingredients Formulation Reformulation into flavoured and sweetened suspension Reformulation into flavoured and sweetened suspension with lower concentration 1) Empty 24 capsules in morter and put 5 mL 95% 2) Wait till alcohol evaporates,then crush the beads to fine powder. 3) Add the simple syrup to Itraconazol pd with gentle shaking. 4) Transfer to amber bottle then add flavour and color. alcohol to soften beads. Parents Doctors OUR Parents Doctors Nurse Nurses 9 Posters Advertisment IV incompatibility checkers Boxes New Legacy for health Circle Oral Feeding or Gastric Tube Lab Sheet After Before System IT Demerdash Neonatal Handbook Administration 24 capsule Itraconazol Simple Syrup Alcohol 95% Concentration Filteration to dissolve captopril and remove other ingredients Dilution until clear solution Add complexing agent "ammonium molybdate" to give colour measure colouremetry at 407 nm New Legacy For Health
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