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Textile Sketchbook Collection by Lynne Dennis

Archives Project (UCA- MA Graphic Design)

Chavisa Piankit

on 9 January 2014

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Transcript of Textile Sketchbook Collection by Lynne Dennis

Textile Sketchbook Collection

by Lynne Dennis
Collection sheets of her sketch
Note , Diary , analyze some piece of work
her collection , sketch and technical note
some piece of her works , sketch and mock up paper
one of my favorite
Technique Applique
"In the context of sewing, an appliqué refers to
a needlework technique in which patterns or
representational scenes are created by the
attachment of smaller pieces of fabric to a
larger piece of contrasting colour or texture."
This textured backing is a bit then, on the "real'" thing it would be richer.
This surface stitching is not appropriate to this piece....
Archives Project by Chavisa P.
Stitch Techinque
"There are the many type of stitches, which use to produce the pattern for instance, chain stitch, herringbone stitch, blanket stitch, feather stitch and cross stitch."
Mix colours of thread
Make a vertical pattern
Layer can make a dimension
Painting on paper is other option to create pattern
Natural way of brush can make them more interesting.

Rough surfaces
Different colors
They are used to be an element of creation to make various surfaces.
finger print
Thank you
Grid :
Dennis observed about ancient arts that affected to process of design . She tried to combine different culture together to create a new piece of her work. She used strong and weak hue to make the stroked effect, which it is very useful technique. It's can make dimension on the plain space, which has movement and depth.
The Maya believed that clothing could transform a person and a person could transform the garment and is expressed through it, so naturally clothing was of great cultural significance. They would often make textiles to enhance religious power.
Mexican art is visual arts that developed over the geographical area.
The dots (sometimes called 'over-dotting') were used to obscure the secret iconography (symbols) underneath.
Motivation & Inspiration
"symbol of Venus traveling to the underworld"
"Aboriginal art is based on important ancient stories."
a grid is a structure (usually two-dimensional) made up of a series of intersecting straight (vertical, horizontal, and angular) or curved guide lines used to structure content.
Lynne Dennis was a member of the Embroiders' Guild, a society of textile designers and artists which began life more than 100 years ago.
The University for the Creative Arts is hold a collection of archives and special collections which students can use for inspiration when creating their own sketchbook.
Lynne Dennis' sketchbooks mostly dated from 1986-1994, and consist of a collection of 18 sketchbooks in total. They included inspirational, ideas, samples of textiles, paintings, sketches and her analysis notes for each project. They are an interesting from the perspective of art history and personal ideas.
Dennis used cross stitch to produce a diagonal stitch by using X-shape, which showed in the file of sample fabric.

This technique can be use to create two-dimension pattern, which is one of the smallest motif in embroidery.
Hand embroidery
These materials can produce many style of pattern, which can adapt to used for print textile.
Lynne Dennis sketchbook 's showed the role of textile designer and creative skills. As a designer, Lynne have to do many research, which help to generate an idea to develop her design. Dennis' design development is depended on two main factors; how an individual designer prefer to work and what is being design for.

Sketchbook is a tool to collect memories and ideas of artist and designer. It is a journey of designers that push ideas of creativity which help to find a real identity for the great piece of their work.
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