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Terra Fresca Employee Orientation 2015

No description

on 30 January 2018

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Transcript of Terra Fresca Employee Orientation 2015

University Center: Terra Fresca Restaurant & Coffee Bar

Employee Orientation
Welcome to Team Terra Fresca! We know that you will become a valuable member of our team and help us to continue to provide outstanding service and delicious food to anyone that visits the University Center.

#teamterrafresca #teamUCEN
Our Mission Statement
We are committed: to creating a diverse, safe, fun and trusting environment for our guests and our team; to building an innovative dining program; and to providing high quality service and food while embracing social, nutritional and financial responsibilities.

Student Associate Levels
SAIV Level II: The Student Lead
SAIV Level III: The Student Supervisor
Is proficient at all stations
Provides superb customer service
Can cashier
Caters UCEN events
Assists SA4s with tasks
Has the same duties as an Level II
Supervises events when managers or principals are not present
Does administrative work:
Inventory | Scheduling | Payroll | Deposits
Facilitates team trainings
Work Stations
Terra Fresca has a very unique facility. We have multiple spaces for catering events in addition to our coffee bar and dining room.
P o s s i b l e s h i f t s i n c l u d e :
Coffee Bar ( AM & Close ) Dish Washer (AM & PM)
Host Kitchen Help
Server Event Cater

Employee Uniforms
You will be provided with:

1 Black dress shirt
1 Black tie
1 Black apron
1 Green polo
1 Name tag

You will also need:
Black pants
Black, non-slip, close-toed shoes
(back of the house only)
Be prepared to work in your proper uniform at the start of your shift. Working without the proper uniform will result in disciplinary action.
JEWELRY : must be minimal. Avoid wearing chunky jewelry.
Earrings may not dangle and may not exceed more than a dime-size.
Single-pendant necklaces are allowed, but must be tucked into your shirt.
Excessive bracelets or rings are also not allowed.

HAIR : must be tied back, away from your face (pony tail, braid, or bun).

NAILS: no nail polish or fake nails. No Exceptions.

WIZARD GLOVES : must be worn when using a knife to prepare food in the kitchen. A demonstration
will be provided.

Break Schedule
Less than 3.5 hours
No break during your shift

Eat before or after your shift
3.5-6 Hours
One 15 minute break

Feel free to eat during this time
One 15 minute break
One 30 minute break
You may eat during each of these breaks

Please enter through the back door at the start of each shift
Be sure to check-in and out with a manager, principal or supervisor before and after each break

6-8 Hours
Customer Service
Who are our customers?
Faculty and Staff
Guests of the University
Our Colleagues
Freshly prepared food
Convenient location
Excellent value for their money
Good variety of food offerings
Consistent quality of service
6 Steps for Great Customer Service
Maintain an Attitude of Service Excellence
Speak well of your organization

Respond quickly and cheerfully to all customers

Prioritize work when customer needs arise (our customer is always first)

Identify Your Customer's Needs
Learn how to read your customers

Recognize all customer needs and respond with quickness

Identify customer needs expressed verbally and non-verbally

Use Customer Friendly Body Language and Lanugage
Greet all customers with a smile

A positive first impression goes a long way

Practice friendly body language and eye contact
Practice Excellent Service at Every Customer Contact Point
Be attentive

Keep all customer areas clean and neat

Address small problems on the spot before they become bigger ones

Handle Difficult Customers With Care
Always apologize

Act quickly and thank the customer for letting you know of a need

You have the power to turn a bad situation into a good one

Exceed Customer Expectations
Anticipate needs and special request

Your quick response can make a big difference

Don’t be afraid to go the extra mile

Teamwork and Flexibility
Be willing to offer help to your co-workers when you see that it is needed. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Have a positive attitude about being moved around to different stations that you did not sign up for.
Our Facility is Everyone's Responsibility
Everyone must look out for spills that may create a dangerous environment for the customers. If you see a spill immediately put a cone over it. Then get a mop to clean the spill, and leave the cone until the spill has dried. Not everyone who walks into the restaurant has non-slip shoes so it is our responsibility to keep things safe.

Washing Your Hands
Always switch gloves and wash your hands in between tasks.
Always wash your hands after using the restroom; touching your face/hair; or move on to a different task.
Be sure to use soap! Wet your hand; lather with soap for 20 seconds; clean under all finger nails; and rinse with water as hot as you can comfortably tolerate.
Remember to open door knobs after washing your hands with a paper towel!
Storage Rooms
Our food and other products are stored in the following locations:

Walk-In Fridge
Reach-ins (Refrigerators)
Dry Storage
Coffee Bar Closet

Every time you go in to one of these areas you must check for the dates and labels on every package to ensure that you are using the items that need to go out first. FIFO-(first in first out)

Sexual Harassment Awareness
We do not tolerate sexual harassment

Such as:
Improper jokes or phrases

& Physical, verbal or nonverbal behavior
that is sexual in nature or is hostile, demeaning or intimidating.

If you are or if you see someone being sexually harassed, we want you to feel comfortable to reach out for help. You may always talk to any student supervisor or manager. They will help you and let you know what steps you can take.
You can call Tracey Tsugawa or go to the Sexual Harassment Office located at Kerr Hall.
You can remain anonymous and all information will be kept private.
Neither students nor the full time staff have the authority to terminate your employment or have the power to have you terminated.
Cashier Training
Customer Service
Cash Handling
Accepting Payments
Trouble Shooting
Safe Cash Handling

You are responsible for your own bank.
Superb Customer Service
Rule Enforcement
Facility Maintenance
Unit Specifics
Set the tone for every guest
Ensure everyone's safety and maintain consistency with other dining facilities
Make sure every station is clean to avoid health and safety hazards
complete all side tasks for assigned station
T i m e M a n a g e m e n t
T a r d i n e s s & C a l l i n g O u t
T h e P o i n t S y s t e m
Do's & Don'ts
It is important to realize that juggling a job and school is a big responsibility and can be difficult at times.
Remember to factor in transportation, study time, meal time, and personal time into your week.
If you know you have to study or have an event you want to attend, make sure to put up a subsheet 7 days in advance.
Responsibilities (cont.)
If you are sick, let us know as early as possible, and no later than
2 hours in advance
of your shift.
Do not call out if you have to study or if you have a midterm.
If you are having transportation issues or are running late it is important that you call in: (831) 459- 5129

Failing to notify the dining hall of an absence or to put up a subsheet results in a No Call/ No Show
A NC/NS can lead to termination
Is our way of holding students accountable.
If you are a NC/NS you will lose a point.
If you go above and beyond your shift duties, you will gain a point (pick up a shift, stay late, etc.).

If you have more than -3 points you will be let go.

N e w H i r e s :
Make sure to use the binder in the back to sign-in until you have a swipe-in card.

N o t e :
It is mandatory for students with a sign-in card to swipe in.

We get paid
, so it’s crucial that you submit your timesheet by the end of Saturday when it's the end of a pay period.

If you work a Saturday LN shift, submit it after your shift or talk to the SA4 on duty.
Cruzpay is a system accessible for student to go online and view the hours that they have worked. While you can’t input any hours, the system is there so that you can verify those hours, but you have to submit your timesheet in order to get paid.
What do they expect?
At break time, enjoy a free meal downstairs at the 9/10 Dining Hall

Leave personal items away from work area
Always use your own cashier card
Always give a receipt
Keep your cell phone away

Leave food or drink at your station
Study while on duty
Leave the register unattended
Accept bills larger than $20
Allow non-employees in staff only areas

Opening Bank

Count out the change, verify dollar amounts in the opening section

Once the dollar amounts have been verified, initial on the “out”

Write in your name, date, and time of shift

With a supervisor, carry the till to the register and log in!

Closing Bank
Spotting Counterfeits

Tell supervisor if there are any voids
Count out the change fund and write dollar amounts in the closing section of the service log
Write the sums
Subtract the opening bank amount from the closing bank to determine the total amount
Your Z Total should match the Z Total on the report, if not, RECOUNT!
Remove the total cash amount and place in the envelope with signed receipts and Z report, seal and initial!
Reset bank for next shift!

Accepting Payment
Split Payments
Lunch Club
Gift Cards
Look and feel
Color- shifting ink
Face match
Security Thread

Perforated on at least one or more sides
Check number is missing
Security threads and water marks
Words and numbers don’t match
Account number along bottom and not shiny
Shaky signature

When in the presence of a counterfeit…..

“I need a manager code for change/check”
Board Meals
TF Reloadable Cards
Slug Points (DBA)
Blue Staff Cards
In order to accept, make sure the recharge has:

Department, contact info, description and/or doc reference numbers
Needs an event guest list
3 signatures
Authorization for charge, host, and entertainment

When cashing out:
Be sure to give the party a receipt BEFORE processing a recharge
Put the ERF number in as a note
Make sure they did not go over their allotted amount
Press recharge, put in the amount of the bill

Meals first!
Credit and….

Cash Last!
Remember to include a split sheet for every table of 2 or more!
Host and Coffee bar will NOT accept a split payment without one

Back of House Training
The dishwasher is the unsung hero of the restaurant. The dishwasher keeps everything running smoothly by cleaning, sanitizing and restocking so that the restaurant can keep working.
Please remember to wash your hands when switching from the task of cleaning dirty dishes and touching the clean ones that come out of the dish machine.
Dish Washer
For every dish shift you work, you get a free meal from the kitchen!
Opening the Dish Room I

1. Put the five matching “strainer pans” that catch food in the main section of the dishwasher. There is an access panel on the side that slides up so you can reach in easier. Use the hooks to prop the panel open.
Tip: The five matching strainer pans have a metal circle shaped handle. The other four strainer pans have a straight handle.

2. Put the other four matching strainer pans in the left section of the dishwasher (below where the dishes go into the machine).

3. Next place the metal guide into the left side of the machine. If you don’t know where it goes please ask someone to help you.

4. Put the large metal strainer pan in the slot that has a blue handle and is labeled “scrap catchment strainer pan.”

5. Add all of the blue plastic curtains to the machine. For help knowing which one goes where look for the “long curtain” and “short curtain” labels on the outside of the machine.

6. Close the access panel.

Assembling the Machine
Opening the Dish Room II

1. Close the two water drain valves located below the dish machine

2. Turn on the large machine on the floor next to the dishwasher.

3. Switch the black safety knob to “on” located on the dishwasher.

4. Press the black “reset” button and the green “fill” button at the same time.

5. When the “wash burner” and “wash blower” lights are on the machine is ready to use.

6. While waiting for the dishwasher to fill please put a bag in the small garbage and small compost can locate in the dish room.

7. Fill a busser tub half way full with dish washing detergent to soak silverware.
Turning the Dishwasher On
Closing the Dish Room
Turning the Dishwasher Off
1. Empty the dishwasher by opening the two water drain valves.

2. Take out all of the “strainer pans” and clean them in the sink.
Remember there are five in the middle, four on the left side of the machine, and one large one located underneath.

3. If necessary remove all of the curtains and wash them.

4. Wash down the counters.

5. Lift out the sink strainer, clean it, and the area underneath it.

6. Wash the front side of the dish counter receiving area.

7. Turn off the dishwasher and the machine on the floor.
Line Assistant
The Line assistant works in the kitchen during restaurant hours or during events. They get the opportunity to get hands on experience preparing items on our delicious menu!
Practice proper food safety:

washing hands | wearing gloves & wizard gloves |
wearing hair net and/or hat | being cautious of cross contact

Assist in preparing menu items
The Communications Board
The communications board is the large dry-erase white board located at the back server station.

Every staff member is required to read the board everyday at the start of their shift and as often as possible to keep updated with the changes.
The 86 List
: Note items that we are out of that need to be restocked.

Weekly Specials
: Soup, entree, desserts and drinks of the week.

Question of the Week
: Are longer on the Communications Board - they are online via
Google forums

Everyone's Shifts of the Day
: hosts, coffee bar, servers, runner, expeditor, extra.

: An area for you to ask questions or write comments.
Coffee Bar Training
Don't worry if this does not make sense at first. You will get a ton of hands-on practice.
1. Buying
2. Loading
Press Dining Club
Press Buy Dining $
Enter amount/ value of card
Process tender
Finish transaction
Press Dining Card
Press Load Card
Enter amount purchased
Swipe Card
Run inquiry to complete
the process
This is a 2-step process!
Server Training
*If unsure, grab a manager or SA4 for assistance.
Everyone is eligible and it is
to join!
No reservation? No problem!

Members still get 5% off their bill!
The perks of becoming a member:
10% Discount on all food items.
*Valid only with a dine-in reservation
Access to exclusive events!

Menu Tastings
Free birthday dessert
Promotions and deals
Seasonal Special Events
(V-day, Halloween, Cinco de Mayo,etc.)

Discounts do not apply to 55-day meal plans
Only valid for dine-in customers
Can only be used for up to
4 people per card
*Discount can also be applied the same day they sign up!
Basic Transaction Corrections:
Removing an unwanted item (before sending to kitchen):
highlight item
press "void"
Payment type change:
press "clear"
"cancel transaction?"
press "yes" to confirm
Error Messages
& what they mean...
Invalid Entry
action not possible on register, press ok
Invalid Magnetic Card
register misread the card, press ok, swipe again
Low Bal 0
Not enough meals/flexis on card, press ok
Account not on system
No meal plan, press ok
Account expired
No longer have a meal plan, press ok
Account not valid
Attempt a transaction not valid on their account, press ok
System Closed:
Don't touch anything & get a manager ASAP
Catering Training
What is a BEO?
BEO stands for Banquet Event Order. It is the contract between UCEN and the customer that outlines what is expected from the events
Where can I find a BEO?
Handing on clipboards in the office. There is a clipboard for every day of the week
What do I use a BEO for?
To learn everything you need to know about an event; from how to set it up, to the menu, location ect.
How to read a BEO
Date, Time and Location
Guest number
Set-Up Notes
Read these carefully!
If you need help ask!
* these will always be printed on pink paper
Reading BEO's
Date, Time and Location
Lets you know when its happening
Room Available By
everything needs to be perfectly set up by this time
Event Start Time

Lets you know when the people are arriving
If there is a menu it lets you know when to start taking out the food
Lets you know where to set up
Guest Number
Lets you know
How much of everything is needed
goblets, cups, ect
roll-ups, silverware
Guest number can change with 24 hour notice.
Used to determine:
how many chafing dishes you will need
which serving utensils will be used
which identifier signs to use
Used to determine:
Types of cups to polish and set up
Any prep work
making coffee, hot water, lemonade ect.
Set-Up Notes/Miscellaneous
Set-up notes tell you what set-up to follow and if there are any special requests
Lets you know if there are any special requests or things necessary for the event
Common Room Set-Ups
Even Buffet Set-Up
Catering Master Checklist
Will always be attached to the BEO.
Vital for a flawless event
Main form of communication between set up crew and event crew
Lets you know what is done and what needs to be done.
This is a tool to make your job easier so USE IT
Catering Master Checklist
Event Summary Sheet
Event Summary Sheet
Used in tandem with the BEO

You fill out what you need for your event

Helps keep all the set-up info in one, easily identifiable place
used before the event
used during/after the event
Used as a form of reporting

Lets the manager know what happened during the event
if food was late
if there were more people than listed
if the client requested anything in addition to what is on the BEO

Important so that we know what to bill the client for.
Will always be attached to the BEO.
Example Set-Ups
Only use up to 3 colors of linen (unless otherwise stated)
When setting up an event picture yourself there.
Do you have everything YOU would need or want?
Be creative and have fun!
Know the menu
Appropriate attire
Steps to service
Dietary concerns
Difficult situations
Seat numbers
Restaurant map
Server side-tasks
Safety and Sanitation
Know The Menu
Customers will always have questions to ask:
What are the specials of the week?
How big is a half salad vs. a full salad?
Is this dish vegan? Is it vegetarian?
Dishes with dairy? What about nuts?
Know which dishes have common food allergies or dietary concerns
Terra Fresca's menu changes multiple times a quarter
Appropriate Attire
Black, non-skid, closed-toed shoes
Black slacks
Black dress shirt (provided)
Black tie (provided)
Hair tied up in a pony tail, braid or bun
Avoid chunky jewelry as well as rings and bracelets
Name tag
Server uniform consists of:
Earrings should be no bigger than dime-sized and necklaces should be simple with the pendant kept under uniform
Server booklet consists of:
Cashier card
split check forms
Steps to Service
Greet customer.
If you feel comfortable, introduce yourself. Ask if they have any questions. SMILE!
2. Take
drink and appetizer
order. Enter into Mircos
3. Bring drinks. Take
food order
. Enter into Micros.
~3 minutes
after guests have gotten their food, check up on them.
Refill drinks
when necessary.
~6 minutes
later, check up again!
6. When customers are almost done, offer
coffee or dessert.
7. At end of meal, bring over to-go boxes if needed and the
8. Cash out the customer.
Dietary Concerns
Most common food allergies:
Milk; Eggs; Tree nuts; Seafood; Shellfish; Gluten: Soy: Legumes
If a customer tells you they have a food allergy:
the severity of their allergy. Consider what the customer is ordering.
2. Politely notify the customer of the
possibility of cross-contact
with other foods (no matter how careful we are, there is always a possibility
3. Make
of the allergy when inputting the order into Micros.
Be sure to notify the expeditor and the kitchen!
Difficult Situations
Mistakes are bound to happen. Its okay!
1. Try not to let the situation become personal.
2. Rather than hiding from the situation, try to solve it.
Acknowledge the problem
. If it is important to the guest, it should be important to you
Listen to the gues
t. Engage in eyecontact and be concerned with the issue at hand
Correct the issue
to the best of your ability. Feel free to ask the manager for help.
Thank the guest
. It's great that we have the chance to try to fix the problem, than to let the customer leave unhappily.
Seat Numbers
Having seat numbers helps service run more smoothly.
Severs should start with seat #1 and move clockwise.
Seat #1 is the seat closest to the Kitchen.

If a guest is seat #1 and a woman is seat #2 take seat #2's order first and then continue clockwise.
Restaurant Map
Server Side-tasks
If you catch yourself with nothing to do
Refill your guests' water goblets--even make a round throughout the restaurant!
See if you can help out other servers
Check the coffee bar window to see if any drinks need to be dropped off
Polish silverware and make roll-ups
Bus tables
Wash your hands

If you hear the expeditor/runner call
try your best to help them run food out to tables.
Safety and Sanitation
If you are consuming food or drinks, always keep it in the designated drink station. For servers its the ledge near the back server station. It is unacceptable to eat or drink in view of customers.
Only use the ice scoops to get ice. Always put the scoop back. Should something contaminate the ice, do not use.
Sanitizer should never come in contact with anything that may come in direct contact with food. Sanitizing chix towels are always found in the red sanitizer buckets used to sanitizr all counters, tables, and other serfaces.
Always use a wet-floor sign, no matter how busy you are. Clean up spills immediately!
Use a wizard glove whenever you are using knives
Safety and Sanitation (cont.)
Use proper lifting techniques when carrying heavy loads
Always put broken glass in the white bucket located in the dish pit designated for broken items
Communicate! "Hot pan!" "Sharp knife!" "Behind you!"
Report any unsafe conditions immediately
If someone gets injured, notify your team leader and dial 911 if necessary
If you get injured, stop working and notify your team leader immediately
Wash your hands every time you change tasks, touch your face/hair, or use the bathroom!

Don't forget
the Rotunda!
(servers only)
When to work website will also have all this information and will be updated by 8am every Monday.
Be aware of how loud your talking (coffee bar especially)

Be aware of the language you use in front of customers
(non tax exempt)
The discount does not apply to special events.
...and more!
Alcohol Count Sheet
Alcohol Count Sheet
to keep track of the alcohol during an event
Will Always be attached to the BEO.
Used to track the amount of alcohol brought into the facility AND the amount that leaves.

Managers and Student Supervisors are primarily responsible for filling out.
Good idea for everyone to know how to read and fill out.
Clients will usually bring the alcohol for their event a day or two before.
Fill out the Alcohol Count Sheet in their presence as soon as they alcohol is delivered.
Fill this part out when alcohol is delivered
Fill this part out when alcohol is returned to client
Always get the initials of client
We work hard, but have fun too!
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