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Modifying Eureka Math for Differentiated Instruction

No description

Jessica Orlando

on 17 July 2016

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Transcript of Modifying Eureka Math for Differentiated Instruction

Modifying Eureka Math
for Differentiated Instruction

Eureka Math
Lesson objectives and standards stay the same
Lesson content generally stays consistent
Problem Sets, Exit Tickets, Templates and Sprints are all used

Did students understand the topics?

Are they able to answer pieces of the essential questions?

Where do I go from here?

Are they ready to move on?
Thank you!
Essential Questions:
The Start and End to Every Lesson
The essential questions are formed from the lesson objectives

--> What questions do we want students to understand at the end of each lesson?

--> What do we want students to understand at the end of the unit?

--> Allow students to make connections at the beginning and end of each lesson using essential questions
(constant throughout lesson)
* Math groups and individual intervention based on Entrance Ticket

*Groups are called during math centers

*Additional differentiated groups available during independent Problem Set practice

*Focus on guiding questions, hands-on learning, and discussion-based mini lessons
Review and Engage Through Anticipatory Set (10 minutes)
Each day's lesson will begin with an anticipatory set that reviews basic concepts that are essential to understanding the unit.

The anticipatory sets are taken from the Fluency Practice and/or Review from the previous lesson
Pre-Lesson and Math Centers
(15 minutes)

*Entrance Ticket- students complete the exit ticket from the previous lesson. This is used for small group and differentiation purposes

* Four to Five math centers (one per group per day) that focuses on basic unit content
Main Lesson- Procedure
(20 minutes)
*Taken directly from Eureka math

*Small pieces of Eureka math lessons are left out based on class pace, and priority of standards on that day

*Some lessons can be broken into two days to allow for deeper student understanding
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