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PlayTree 6 Day 4

No description

RnD 1 Pangram

on 24 July 2017

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Transcript of PlayTree 6 Day 4

Day 4
I Have Four Legs

Warm Up
Wrap Up
Main Lesson
Story Time
Hi, I'm Henry. I have big eyes.
I have four ears.
I have a small mouth.
I have five hands.
I have six fingers.
I have three arms.
I have big feet.
They Are Knees
Open Your Student Book
Student Book pp. 16~19
Optional Classroom Activity
1. Crazy Body Mimes
-. Ask students to look at the teacher miming the body parts.
-. Ask him/her to shake the body part that the dice shows.

2. Whole Body Slap

-. Show students the flashcards of body part and ask them
to identify the body parts.
-. While showing the flashcards, put them around the
classroom. (2 or 3 cards for one part are better.)
-. Ask students to stand up and listen and do what the teacher
e.g. Slap the arm. Slap the feet.
Touch the leg with your ear. . . .
I have six legs.
I have big teeth.
I have a small nose.
Review the vocabulary.
It can be optional.
Ask students to look at the body parts and choose one that doesn't belong to.
Teacher Talk: What are they? face, ear, knee and eye. Which one doesn't belong to each other? Right. knee.
Ask students to close their eyes and draw what the teacher says.
Teacher Talk: Draw two big eyes. Draw a small nose. Draw two shoulders. . . .
What's the difference?
Teacher Talk: Look at two monster. Are the the same? No. They have different body part. Can you find it? This monster (on the left) has knees. But this monster (on the right) don't have a knee (on his left leg).
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