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eSafety-are you safe?

How to be safe on the internet

Leah Bhandal

on 15 October 2012

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Transcript of eSafety-are you safe?

eSafety What do you know? Mobile Phones You need to be really careful when you're on your phone... Lock your bluetooth This means only your friends can access your files, pictures etc.
Then strangers can't enter any of your profile details. Only give your number to friends you trust, and whom you have seen. Your number Don't give someone else's number to someone you know as they might not know them. Online Games It's great to play games, but be careful. Don't get addicted online, you may end up doing something bad. What to do ERROR ERROR Why not just have fun offline? Only go on trusted websites
Make sure your antivirus software is up to date. Just in case... Put a lock/password on your phone
If someone rings you and their number is blocked, don't pick it up. Videos When uploading videos, ask for consent from any person that is in it
The video could be there forever.
Make sure that none of it shows any details about you. Uploading videos Can I put this video online? Inappropriate Videos Online there may be some inappropriate videos
If you encounter any, which say a wrong title you can flag the content, which is under the video. What can go wrong? People can persuade you, to do bad things People can make you feel small really small and make you feel like you're worthless ... Chatrooms Personal Information If you give away your personal information on chatrooms it's like giving away diamonds. Don't give away... phone number where you live a photo of you, or any of your family details of your life details of your family's life email address school details Being safe on chatrooms Only go to meetings which have been organised by chatrooms, if you're with an adult.
Only chat to be people you definitely know and have seen before
Be aware that some people lie on the internet. Block people if they... are a stranger arrange to meet with you write rude/bad things if you can tell that they are lying especially if any of these things are directed at you.. Uploading pictures Especially when they include your personal details.
If it has someone else, in the picture then ask for their consent first. Cyberbullying Cyberbullying mostly via texting, sometimes it can also be by social media websites
If you are getting cyberbullied then it's best to tell someone Don't cyberbully others You wouldn't like it if you were being cyberbullyed If someone is forcing you to do it tell someone quick!!! Tell an adult that someone is using your phone to cyberbully and they will sort it out. HELP! Don't worry Social networking sites Don't show personal information
Keep it secure e.g twitter and facebook Stay safe on the Internet! By Leah Bhandal Tell your service provider
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