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The Role of Women in the mediavl witch-hunts in Europe

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A. Hillebrecht

on 3 June 2015

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Transcript of The Role of Women in the mediavl witch-hunts in Europe

The Middle Age in Europe
Role of the Woman in Middle Age
Man was head authority in the house
Woman seen as inferior person in society
She takes the status of her husband after marriage
Often reason for marriage someone to take care of you
women had to know her position
be good mother and wife
many women became nuns
oppressing of women partly because of religion
had minimal rights
only marry ones
witch-trials in Europe
The Role of Women in the mediavl witch-hunts in Europe
The Middle Age in Europe
The Role of the Woman in the Middle Age
The Role of the Church

Definition of a Witch
The witch-trials in Europe
Women in that previous time
Witch-trials because of Misogyny
End of the witch-trials in Europe
Middle Age in Europe
from about 500 to 1500 DC
divided in three phases
Early Middle Age
High Middle Age
Late Middle Age
General system feudalism
society hierarchically structured
Modern Times followed
Definition of a " witch"
Role of the Church
played a central Role
Church had power ans authority
controlled the society
education was subordinated to church
science had been ignored
poor people found refuge in church
Prejudices of women
" Women can't drive cars"
" Women should cook and clean the house"
" Women spend to much money on clothes "
Victim example: Anna Roleffes
born in Harxbüttel 1600
went to school so was able to read
mother was sorgious Anna had experiences
married to Hans Krage
turned into widow 1641
worked as a herbalist
was accused and executed in September 1663
" Women can't play Football"
" Women gossip to much "
dark part of Late Middle Age
from about 1300 DC to 1800 DC
marked as period of persecution and killing
before the plague
"witches" were blamed for catastrophes
80 percent of accused people : women
women still inferior position
leaded by the church
about 60000 people killed
25000 from Germany
End of the witch hunts in Europe
popular authors laid against it
criticism against was beginning of End
noticed that to many people were killed
enlightenment of society from 1700
church lost authority
finally ended in 1800 DC
witch - trials death rate in Europe
derivation of word venefica
young and beautiful woman
or old , grey hair without beauty
clothed in conspicuous dresses
person or animal in contact with devil
Important incidence in the Middle Age
The Hundred Years War
The Plague
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