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Hilti AIESEC presentation

No description

Pavel Peychev

on 8 April 2010

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Transcript of Hilti AIESEC presentation

AIESEC Bulgaria presentation What is AIESEC? The worlds largest student run organization Executive Bodies are changed each year Present in 107 countries 62 years of history 45 000 members 1700 universities AIESEC Bulgaria
Leadership Opportunities
Global Learning Environment
International Exchange
20 years history Kalin Blajev - KBC auditor - Balkans
Lazar Malakov - Trade Director Investor.bg
Pavel Panov - entrepreneur Eagles Flight
And many more
8500 internships each year 470 conferences Pioneering socially relevant Projects AIESECers AIESEC and HILTI Common Values Hilti AIESEC Integrity Teamwork Courage Commitment Activating Leadership Demonstrating Integrity Living Diversity Enjoying Participation
Striving for Excellence Acting Sustainably 3 ways we develop our members Career Days 1991-1996
Mass privatization market simulation 1996
Black Sea Program for youth development
Start Up 2006
Meeting Diversity 2006 - present
Business in Practice 2005 - present History Local Induction Seminar 2008 800 000 alumni Recruitment 2009 University Presentations in:
Technical University Sofia and University of
Architecture, Geodesy and Construction (UASG)
Who: 80 Students attending Who:50 members of AIESEC How: Organizing a teambuilding during an AIESEC confernce When: October 2008 When: October 2009 Ilitiatives Partnership Presence of the HILTI brand
Partners List
Promo materials
Online Site
Banners on ongoing events

University Events Exchange AIESECers Projects Open Trainings Core AIESEC Product Access to top talent from 107 countries Contacts of members
Access to team meetings
General Meetings
Teambuildings Profile: Ambitious, selfdriven, innovative, culturaly sensitive young people Business in Practice: Corporate Social Responsibility Format: Case study project
Theme: CSR Topics
Editions until now: 3
Participants: 80-100
Realization: March-April each year

Meeting Diversity Format: Workshops lead by international interns in Sofia schools
Theme: European integration, professional development, soft skills and more
Editions until now: 6
Participants: 100 on events
Realization: each highschool semester

"Employee or Entrapreneur training" - 80 students
"What is CSR?"- BBLF - 80 students
"Assessment centers" by MC Triton - 50 students
Neurolinguistic programing - Ivailo Kunev - 80 students Recruitment Recruitment for longterm members - People to work and develop in the organization
Spring Summer Projects Under Construction Beautiful Bulgaria - Tourism focused project New Horizons - Personal & Professional Development Global Thinking
Opportunities to seed out candidates
Flexible solution for shrot term projects (1,5 months - 1,5 years)
Professional Skills combined with language knowledge
International mode of work for employees
Innovation and Know-how through different mindsets Includes:
Online campaign - media partners
Real - infodesks, flyers, posters, word-of-mouth, presentation in UNWE (100-170 students)
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