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Weight Watchers

No description

Victoria Richards

on 5 May 2015

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Transcript of Weight Watchers

: Jean Nidetch founder
: First established Weight
Watchers Organization
Idea of providing diet food
Serves in 30 countries

Hierarchy of Goals
Vision Statement:
"Be the leading weight loss service provider by assisting individuals to lose weight and sustain a healthy lifestlye."

Mission Statement:
"Help people reach and maintain a healthy weight and bring health through tasty, nutricious and afforable food."

Strategic Objectives:

Improve marketing campaign
Increase brand
External Envirnoment
adding men to the customer segment, obesity rates, adding new products to satisfy customer needs

Millennial demographic, mobile applications, wearable technology

Competitive Environment
Major Competitors:
Internal Environment
: Technological resouces
: Strong Brand Name, Reputation
Organizational Capabilites
: Improve consumer insights and application of technology
Competitive Advantages
: "Points Plus" Program
Company Strategies
Business Level
: Differentiation and focus strategy
Corporate Level
: Partnering with corporate accounts
: Expanding markets globally
Turnaround Strategy
Follow up-coming fitness trends in the industry
Progress to mobile applications and wearable technology
Reduce cost of memberships and monthly fees
Continue to expand globally
The End
By: Victoria Richards & Nicole Williams
Fragmented Industry
Threat of new entrants
Bargaining Power of Buyers
Weight Watchers Industry Median
Current Ratio 1.13 1.31
Inventory Turnover 40.37 18.94
Price-earnings ratio 12.37 19.66
Return on assets 6.75% 11.75%
Net profit margin 6.67% 5.73%

Net Profit Margin
Annual Sales Comparison
Porter's Forces
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