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The Mysterious Bermuda Triangle

No description

Nancy Szeto

on 14 September 2013

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Transcript of The Mysterious Bermuda Triangle

The ermuda riangle
A Mysterious Area

By: Nancy, Judy
and Mikayla
Can you guess what our open project is on?
We will give you clues.
So, sit back, close your eyes, and listen carefully.
It's a place that can be dangerous at times, but is very interesting. It causes the mysteries that scientists are still trying to figure out today.
This is just...
the beginning.
Congratulations either way!
Now, we will have a quiz at
the end so listen up.
Oh and you might be a little


at times. But don't worry......
But remember...
First of all, since we didn't know alot about the Bermuda Triangle, we asked these questions:

-How did the Bermuda Triangle get it's name?
-Why do people go into it even though they know that it could be dangerous?
-Why do compasses go off when you are there?
-How do people find out about the disapearences?
-What makes it dangerous?
Ok. Maybe you should worry a little.
And soon y


We now know the answers to these questions......
First of all we answered this question:
-How did the Bermuda Triangle get it's name?
and we got this answer........
What makes the Bermuda Triangle dangerous?
Many people believe that
the Devil is making the
disappearances happen
and therefore also call
the area,Devil's Triangle.
It got its
name by its
shape and the
islands around it.
After Christopher Columbus was at the Bermuda Triangle, about 100 ships and planes have been there and were reported missing. More than 1000 people have died in the Bermuda Triangle.
Some other names are
Limbo of the lost and the
Twilight zone.
The Bermuda triangle is shaped as a triangle in the western part of the atlantic ocean. More specifically between the mid-Atlantic island of Bermuda, Miami-Florida and San Juan- Puerto Rico. It’s name is not recognized by the US board on Geographic Names.
Another explanation for why it's dangerous is methane hydrates (natural gas). Methane eruptions (aka “mud volcanoes”) may produce bubbly water that can make a ship sink very quickly without warning.
is which.
Why do people go
through the Bermuda
Triangle even though
they know it's dangerous?
Human stubbornness-for example,
Human stubbornness may have caused the businessman Harvey Conover to lose his yacht, the
Revonoc, as he sailed into the middle of a storm,
south of Florida on January 1st, 1958.
Curiosity is another reason why
people go through the bermuda triangle.

On Discovery Channel,

a group of investigators went

deep into the Bermuda Triangle to

explore around on the ocean floor wrecks

and stage experiments to tackle the mystery

once and for all.

Here is our next question:

How do people find out about the disappearances?
Why do Compasses
go off when you're
An original compass points to the magnetic North and the geographic North, which is known as the North Pole, is in Greenland. These two norths are not the same. People usually think that if you keep going north from a compass you get get to the North Pole.
Did you notice the compass there?
Little did they know, it will actually bring you to the Prince of Wales Island in the Northwest Territories of Canada instead of the North Pole. The Prince of Wales Island is 2414km away from the North Pole.
The Bermuda Triangle is one
of the two places (the other one is
the Devil’s Sea) that makes comp
asses point to the true north
not the magnetic north. Theorists sa
y because of that, the
compasses malfunction and causes shi
ps and planes to get
Most people find out about the
disappearances by either seeing it or
having been told about it.
Some people find out because the have lost
signal of them or they were never seen again.
A compass works because the magnetic needle is attracted by the magnetism of the Earth, which makes it point to the constantly shifting Magnetic North Pole.
Now here is our Timeline of
disappearences of the Bermuda Triangle.
1492 - Christopher Columbus reported unusual lights and odd compass readings.
Now, it's time for our quiz, hopefully you payed attention!
1609 - The Sea Venture got ruined while on the first try to settle in Bermuda.
First question:

What year did Christopher Columbus report unusual lights and compass readings?
1855 - The schooner James B. Chester was found floating in the ocean. The passengers were missing but there without any sign of struggle, and the lifeboats were still in place.

1941 - The USS Proteus and the USS Nereus disappeared, just as their sister ship, the USS Cyclops did before, along the same path.
1963 - Marine Sulphur Queen: This carrier boat began sailing on Feb 2, 1963 from Beaumont, Texas with 39 people onboard. It was said to be lost in Florida Straits on Feb 4.
1971 - Sting-27, a USAF Phantom jet, disappeared completely without warning. Reports showed that it may have been hit, but the details were never told.
1976 - The Sylvia L. Ossa, a 179.832m ore carrier with a crew of 37 people vanished about 225.31km from the Bermuda triangle.
1991 - The pilot of a Grumman Cougar jet made a routine radio request to increase the height. While ascending, the aircraft slowly disappeared from the radar and vanished.
Second question:

Name 2 of the reasons why people go to the Bermuda Triangle even though they know it's dangerous.
Third question:

What place other than
the Bermuda Triangle points
to the true north and not
the magnetic north.
Fourth question:

Can you name atleast 2 of the
ways people have disappeared in the
Bermuda Triangle?
Last question:

Can you name 2 of the 3 other
names for the Bermuda
1. 1492
Just kidding!
2. Human stubborness and curiosity
5. "The Devil's Triangle", "Limbo of the Lost" and "The Twilight "Zone
The Devil's sea
See that letter there?
It means.....
Thank You!
There are Rogue waves that occur in the Bermuda triangle. Which is one of the causes of the disappearances. The compasses also goes off which causes ships and planes to get off-course so the pilots of the airplanes aren’t able to tell which side is which.
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