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Zombie prep 101

How to prepare for the Zombie Apocalypse with our help!

Maryanne Abbott

on 11 August 2010

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Transcript of Zombie prep 101

- Deceptively Dangerous
- High impact to the head
- Blunt force necessary A TRADITIONAL BAT
CAN GET THE JOB DONE... but with our ______ you
can get the job done in
half the time For those fast moving zombies... The Grenade The Flamethrower The Shotgun Step 1... Make sure you have various types of weapons ready to use Step 2... Assess the situation and choose your weapon Some that we recommend... The Schrute Special New!
the Lightsaber 6 foot
quarter staff Battle hamer The ax the sai What did they do wrong? Dwight knows Left the door unlocked! Were not prepared with weapons Seriously? Pizza boxes and pillows! Has this ever happened to you? Auto Door Lock Sturdy and sleek
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