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fyi.Neath 'Sales Writing' & 'The Web'.

Free tips for writing ANY Sales oriented copy.

Steven Walters

on 14 July 2016

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Transcript of fyi.Neath 'Sales Writing' & 'The Web'.

Identify your markets
Profile your 'Target Audience'.
Anticipate their 'Problems'.
Identify the 'groups of words' they Google.
Analyse competitor sites that are on the first page for your desired (& shortlisted) terms.
Getting top of Google
R.A.T.S. instead of S.T.A.R.
Address the onlooker 'you' & 'you're'.
Less 'We', 'Me', 'I'.
Inject a little personality
Sales Material
Be it Web or Print,
writing Marketing Material is a different skill.
'Sales Writing' & 'The Web'.
Steve Walters - Web & Marketing Consultant
Small Business Helper www.smehelper.com

Google Advertising
Natural Listings
Climbing Natural Listings
Keywords & phrases inside of...
Bold & Italics
Linked words
Downloadables (Docs)
Imagery (Captions, etc)
Visuals & Layout
Writing Style
Hook Image.
Hook Text.
Cut to the Chase.
Make it easy for them to contact / order.
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