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Canadian Pacific Railway

No description

Vivian Zhang

on 24 January 2013

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Transcript of Canadian Pacific Railway

The Canadian Pacific Railway Know as the Steel Ribbon Building the railway
started on the Prairies. It was easy, because it was not very rugged. Then, people started to build the railway through the Canadian Shield. This region was made of hard granite rock and soft marshy muskeg. It took seven years to build this section of the railroad. The most difficult part of the raiway construction
was through the Rocky Mountains. Many railway
workers were killed in blasts, landslides, and
falls from the cliffs. Building the railway At the time of confederation, Prime Minister Macdonald's government promised to build a railway to link the colony of British Columbia with rest of Canada. Reasons for building this railway 2. An all-Canadian railway would meet the
demand for an efficient transportation and
communication system across Canada 1. A railway would help unify Canada 3. A railway would replace older, less efficient transportation 4. Reciprocity Treaty ended in 1866, The new provinces in Canada
needed other markets. They needed to connected by railway
to distribute goods efficiently. 5.The good farmland in Ontario were almost all taken.
The North-West Territories offered new land and
The territory were sparsely populated. A
railway would take settlers to the West. -MAP- The Chinese Workers ·The numbers of workers
that were needed could not be found
so the railway company began to employ Chinese
·By 1885, there were about 15 000 Chinese worker
employed on the railway.
·Chinese workers earned $1 .00 per day, which was less than the
$1 .50 per day offered to the other workers.
·Chinese workers were not paid during the harshest three winter
months when work came to a standstill. They also have to pay
for their own clothes, tools, food, shelter, and taxes.
·At least 600 Chinese workers died during the construction
·When the railway was completed, many of the Chinese
workers could not afford to return China
because of the $50 "head tax". benefits of building the railway 1.The people of the Red river
settlement could now trade goods
with the rest of Canada rather than with
the United States 2. People could now travel by train from
Ontario to western Canada. 3. It is more easier for people to carry
goods from the Atlantic provinces
to the Pacific Ocean
and back NOT FAIR! Let's build
a Railway! THANK YOU
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